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Cold Hardy Citrus / Re: F2 citrange winter hardiness trial
« Last post by kumin on Today at 05:33:51 AM »
Ilya, Poncirus is also showing rind color transition. Within the cold frame there's Poncirus+ which is showing less color change than the A-026. The Poncirus+ fruits are much smaller, perhaps due to low seed count. A-026 blooms and sets fruit freely, but last year's seeds produced all nucellar seedlings.
I'm very interested in seeing what the taste of the A-026 fruit is upon ripening. I recall the peel having a degree of Poncirus flavors. Of greater interest is the taste of the flesh.

There are several hundred grafted young trees planted outdoors to further evaluate their Winter hardiness. I plan on using both anti desiccants and diluted white interior latex paint spray in December. The white paint will only be applied on the South side of the trees.
Much more beautiful than regular passiflora. How does the fruit taste?

It's supposed to taste good, but obviously since mine doesn't set fruit I can't really tell. The flowers are nice, but since they are hanging down they're much less conspicuous than P. cerulea or the other more common species unless you're looking up.

As far as I remember, it started flowering when it was three years old, the two first years were spent without a support though (hanging down from a ledge) and I've noticed that a support is a strong signal to induce flowering. Flowers seem to almost only develop on nodes where tendrils have started wrapping around something, and almost immediately do.

The leaves it makes have always been rather large, about 10 centimeters long and wide. The seedlings make tiny leaves at first, but they soon become larger.

About rooting, as I said I have no problem rooting the other species I have, but this one doesn't root in any condition that I've tried. With hormone or not (although I've only tried IBA yet), in hot, warm or cool conditions, sun or shade, water, sand or dirt. Two stems of the plant have been buried under dirt for six months now in an attempt at layering and although they grow vigorously, they have not rooted either.

I've also found this paper that says:

No roots formed in the cuttings of banana passion fruit for any treatment. Therefore, no data were collected for percent rooting, root number, average root length, and root dry weight. Although some cuttings were completely dead, others had callused, which could have led to the possible formation of roots, had the cuttings been left longer than 30 d.

Which matches my experience: I've had cuttings heal nicely and stay alive for months without developing roots, until they eventually die of course.

This is a seedling that was labeled "Passiflora tripartita":

And these are seedlings that were labeled "Passiflora tripartita var. molissima", the germination rate was quite good with them:
Cold Hardy Citrus / Re: F2 citrange winter hardiness trial
« Last post by Ilya11 on Today at 03:42:44 AM »
Are fruits of poncirus already ripe in your region?
Tropical Fruit Discussion / Re: Hurricane Ian Prep
« Last post by pagnr on Today at 03:36:27 AM »
The coming Hurricane made the news in Australia, thinking positive for all who may be in it's path.
There are Avocado relatives in the broader Lauracea family in colder areas, most of these are still evergreens. Sassafras is said to be one that is deciduous.
In the Avocado genus Persea,  "none of the species are very tolerant of severe winter cold, with the hardiest, P. borbonia, P. ichangensis and P. lingue, surviving temperatures down to about −12 C (10.4 F) "
Cold Hardy Citrus / Re: The most hardy non trifolate citrus tree
« Last post by SoCal2warm on Today at 02:46:46 AM »
I have been experimenting with pretty much all of the rare non-trifoliate hardy citrus trees.

My results so far seem to show that Changsha is the hardiest of them. Yuzu is a close second, but does not seem to be as hardy as Changsha. But I cannot be absolutely sure about this.   

All of the research from things I have read have informed me that Ichang papeda should be the hardiest non-trifoliate citrus, but that is not what my experimental observations have shown. I had obtained Ichang papeda from two different sources in the Portland, Oregon area but it is possible they might have originated from the same source and could have perhaps been grown from some specific seedling that had less hardiness than its parent, though I think this is not so likely.

Plants were grown in the Pacific Northwest, climate zone 8a, and last winter had a low that may have gone down to as low as 9 degrees F one night, though other than that it was not a very cold winter. It killed some of the Yuzu plants, even one that had been surviving for several years through cold winters before that, but a Changsha that was planted in a very protected spot and sheltered by a large bush growing around it (although it was not covered) survived and even kept all its leaves.

To be fair, I have not grown Prague Citsuma, but another member of this forum is growing one in a protected spot and in the middle of a suburban neighborhood across the bridge from Portland (also zone 8a). Its leaves did not seem to look as good as the Changsha he was growing, which one might perhaps take as an indicator of cold tolerance. I got to taste the inside of the fruit. It was very much like Satsuma mandarin but the fruits were smaller, more sour, and perhaps just a little bit less ripe tasting, but not bad at all.
Id bet wanderlust is selling seedlings of petiolatum from marcoss seeds.
Cattleyanum can get nice and big.
Tropical Fruit Discussion / Re: Seeds Del Mundo dishonest business?
« Last post by Bush2Beach on Today at 01:04:47 AM »
I think these guys used to call themselves and sell under the name seed pirates
Can I ask why this business is still able to promote on the forum, when they scam/steal money from so many people?

There should be a warning attached to this business. They have stolen a lot of money from me and make no communication and send nothing.

Citrus Buy, Sell, & Trade / Re: Flying Dragon Seeds
« Last post by sc4001992 on Today at 12:47:31 AM »
Last chance to buy seeds, I have the seeds ready to ship. Sale will end by end of week.
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