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All About the Zill Mangos!

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So as I look around the forum there are tons of posts scattered through out with information pertaining to the Zill mangos. I thought it would be a good idea if we have one post that we can all refer to in the future for past, present and future Zill mango releases.

I currently have a few of them growing. Some have bloomed but have not fruited yet. Anyone else here currently growing them with successful harvests and photos of the fruits?

There are a couple threads, where someone has compiled reviews.  which include the new Zill varieties.    some of the really new ones have little information from backyard growers,  since they have only been recently introduced,  so only time will tell, how they will turn out in the "world".

Tang Tonic:
Where is the best place in S. FL to procure Zill mangos?

They have a stand by their house.
Zill's Mangos.
Search that, they have a Facebook page with all the relevant info

Mark in Texas:
I too asked for a composite journal on Zill mangos a few years ago.  Would love to know the history, breeding activities, criteria of Gary Zill and of course characteristics of the fruit and trees.

Having said that a few days ago I grafted Fruit Punch, Pineapple Pleasure, Juicy Fruit and Cotton Candy on a stubbed back Mallika - 7 sticks.  Another stick of PP on a bearing Sweet Tart and a stick of Fruit Punch on a bearing Lemon Zest.    This about completes my Zill collection.

Just for shits and grins, a clothespin adds tension over Buddy Tape on 3 of them.  Cleft graft.

Last year's newly grafted Frankencado in the background is holding 15 fruit of Pinkerton, Sir Prize, Ardith and Holiday.  I probably dropped 60 small fruit on this tree. 


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