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Wanted: Kaffir Lime seeds

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Hi, we are looking for kaffir lime seeds. Shipped to Hawaii.
Thank you!

Hi. I have the kaffir lime but I don't recommend you buying live trees because of the spread of citrus greening disease. I'm pretty sure that I have seeds if you want to get some.  I have to check my tree tomorrow.

Hi Tustin,
Thanks for your response. I would like to buy seeds if you have any available. I sent you a pm. Or you can email me at
Thank you!

There's an ebay seller from Sri Lanka whom I got my seeds from.  I don't specifically know if there are any issues with internationally shipping citrus seeds to Hawaii, though.

I have small and large types, fruits got yellow and dropped on the floor while I was away so probably seeds are ripe.
PM if you are still interested.


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