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Ideas on where could I find seeded Kishu mandarin


I was aware that Clementines are zygotic, and plentiful at certain times of the year, so I intend to extract seeds from grocery-purchased fruits when winter comes again.  But Clementines are known to have a certain amount of pomelo admixture, and most of the 'pure' species mandarins are mostly or entirely nucellar.

Then I learned that Kishu mandarins entirely zygotic, and I became very excited!

Then I discovered that every strain of Kishu that had crossed the Pacific from Japan that I could locate was an entirely seedless strain, probably genetically damaged.  So, as tasty as they may be, they're useless for my purposes.

Does anyone know where I could acquire seeds or budwood for the traditional Japanese strains of Kishu?  I understand that the Japanese prefer citrus with seeds as a symbol of fertility and vitality.

I wasn't aware there was a seeded kishu type, and I don't believe I've ever seen it listed for sale, unfortunately. 

Kishu will have some seeds in it, if it is pollinated by a different citrus variety. Maybe out of three fruits, one of them might have one or two seeds in it.

They were at Walter Anderson in Poway, CA about a month ago. Call to see if they have any more.



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