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Multi-grafted Mandarin Wanted in Southern California


I am interested in purchasing a triple grafted mandarin of Golden Nugget, Tango, and Owari. I'm new to citris and have limited space but these seem like great varieties and this should give me continuous or at least spaced out production through the season. Does anyone know of a nursery or is anyone able to create this and ship it or have it ready for pickup. I'm in San Diego, but for this I would be to drive to almost anywhere in Southern California.

A few people in Australia sell multi grafted Citrus, but they specialise in multi grafted fruit trees.
Not sure if anyone in USA is doing anything similar.
You may need to contact Citrus propagation nurseries directly for a custom order.
Have you also thought of espaliering three trees, one of each variety, this might better use limited space ?
Also planting three trees on Dwarfing rootstock i.e. Flying Dragon, either in ground or in large containers could be an option ?
Finally can you graft or bud yourself ? Can you buy one variety and add the others ?
Several members here have multi grafted some of their Citrus trees.

Hey Cdin12,

In City Heights, If you buy a base tree of gold nugget or tango I can help you graft with the other varieties. You will have to order budwood for the other two varieties from CCPP, Citrus Clonal Protection Program, Have a great week.



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