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Which species or type of bird give you a headache in your Grove

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I'm getting some damage on my Valencia Pride not sure who the Copart is but my list of suspects are Mockingbird blackbird blue jay. There is a dead pine tree about a thousand yards across the pond and I have heard a Rattata tat

Flying squirrel.

Small common woodpecker - most damage here flying/pecking sweettart to sweettart.
(Large endangered species woodpeckers do not harm mangos IMO)

Common bluejay - 2nd most damage here and is not endangered (aka open season).
(Not endangered scrubjays)

I have problems with a woodpecker.
He pecks a whole in a mango and then he knocks it on the ground
and he eats the whole thing before he goes to the next one.
It takes 3-4 days for him to eat one mango
Last year I had 50 pickerings no problem this year I had 15
He ended up getting 3. I had to pick them green and they were not
as good. I left the last big one that was under the canopy and put an
apple under the tree. It didn't work and he got the last one.
He also loves sapodillas, mulberries and jabos. He likes to peck on the gutter at
daybreak also.

Finca La Isla:
Parrots and Oropendula, a type of oriole that comes in large groups.


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