Cold Hardy Citrus


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[1] Macrophylla Vs FD vs C-35 root stock

[2] Zygotic Poncirus hybrids

[3] US-1279 and SuperSour 2, new and better zygotic parents for cold hardy breeding?

[4] Madison citrus listing of Kobasu Papeda, is this really Kabosu?

[5] Table of citrus cold hardiness and %zygotic seed

[6] Hybrid Nin-Kat-MandarinXPoncirus

[7] Morton, prague, fast flowering tri grafts on taitri in zone 7a

[8] Frosthardiness experience with citrusvarieties in zone 7, down to 3,2 F

[9] High grafting Citrange seedlings on Poncirus rootstock.


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