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Sugar Belle rootstock growing


I bought a sugar Belle citrus tree a handful of years back and it sadly got destroyed by the last hurricane. It started to come back and then completely died off. But now months later the rootstock is growing like mad.
Is this something worth keeping? I don't know if sugar Belle is grown on a rootstock that is any good. I have heard with other citrus it's not really worth keeping and usually not good fruit. But I've never heard of someone doing this with a sugar Belle tree. Again, I don't know if sugar Belle is grown on different root stock vs other citrus.

It's good for use as a rootstock. Not likely to be any good at all for fruit production itself.

Most rootstocks are also seedlings. So, I will take a long time to fruit. Occationally, they use cuttings for rootstock, but since I see lots of juvenile type thorns that is unlikely in your case. Chances of getting worth while fruit are slim.

Thanks, looks like I will pull it out.

I lost my Sugar Belle also. It never was a strong growing tree for me and was a failure. If anyone has had great luck with it or another in that class, please let me know?


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