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Not sure if my message went through but I am very interested in a large air layer!

Tropical Fruit Buy, Sell & Trade / Re: Mango scions/budwood
« on: August 23, 2023, 08:32:38 PM »
TAF and Alex have consistently provided quality fruit and budwood, over the course of many years that I have known and done business with them. Gotta wonder about grafting skills. The other thing, grafting can be hit or miss depending on many variables, not just quality of budwood and skill of grafter. Get you a veggie slicer!

Let me start by saying Iím not bad mouthing anyone, Iím sharing my experience.

I would question my grafting skills as well if it werenít for the 100% success rate Iíve had this year with bud wood from other sources. I think it has something to do with transport in the wet paper towel and the very hot weather. Most scions Iíve received from TAF arrived in the conditions below

Having black and dark marks along their length and having stems looking not great. I trim away to where it looks best and graft to failure. These were Valcarrie

However with this same order the below Pickering scions arrived, uniformly green, nice bend to them and healthy looking cambium and innards.

Unsurprisingly to me the valcarrie failed and the Pickering, Im happy to say, has healed and is pushing new growth. These were my favorite mono embryonic mangos I tried this year so I really wanted them in my collection. Hopefully I can get valcarrie to stick next year.

Maybe it is my grafting skills, but I do find I have a very high success rate with uniformly green crisp scions instead of musty ones.

Iíll message Alex and see if he could possibly offer wrapping in buddy tape or paradigm for shipping to CA as scions I have received that way seem to hold up well.

I will keep in mind the hydrating method mentioned here

Tropical Fruit Discussion / Re: SoCal Tropical Storm Watch
« on: August 22, 2023, 11:40:12 PM »
With all the record setting weather events this year I hope a hard freeze is not I. Our immediate furture!

Tropical Fruit Discussion / Re: SoCal Tropical Storm Watch
« on: August 21, 2023, 07:34:48 PM »
I too took the opportunity of throwing out organic fertilizer pellets under all my trees so they would water in well and have about 9 fresh scions on. Hoping for a nice explosion of growth

Tropical Fruit Buy, Sell & Trade / Re: Mango scions/budwood
« on: August 20, 2023, 11:51:03 PM »
I did take a picture and sent it to them directly.  He said it is ok to graft.. I even got a grafting tool for higher success rate but that didn't help anyway!
I am looking for:
Super Julie
Sweet Tart
Lemon Zest
Orange sorbet
keo Savoy
Pina colada
Fruit punch

I too have had poor results with TAF scions with them arriving looking black and musty. In this last order the two Pickering scions I got were the first out of 20 or so that arrived green and healthy and are still holding on.

I thought this was a Florida thing but just received individually buddy tape wrapped scions that were in top shape

Tropical Fruit Discussion / Re: SoCal Tropical Storm Watch
« on: August 20, 2023, 11:31:03 PM »
Sorry to hear Brad.

The wind is just starting here in riverside. Been just steady rain all day till now. Palm Springs is at quite a bit more. Pretty wild.

Commercial mango growing happens out where they are experiencing the worst of the storm and I havenít seen the Keitts in stores yet. Iím worried about my mangos splitting hopefully their crops are ok

Tropical Fruit Discussion / Re: SoCal Tropical Storm Watch
« on: August 19, 2023, 11:54:57 AM »
I am here in Riverside, we look to be in direct line of fire.

Hope everyone is okay and ready for worst case!

Really hoping my mangos on trees donít split due to excess water

Tropical Fruit Discussion / Re: Sweet Tart Mango Tree Producing in SoCal
« on: August 07, 2023, 12:29:11 PM »
Though I wish I owned coastal property the one solace I take in the Riverside heat is that my mango trees love it. Trees that are holding fruit are on their second flush of the year and trees not holding fruit are on their fourth.

I have several sweet tart grafts I did this year that are on their second flush, so hopefully I will have my very own in two years

Just the Valencia Pride and mallika. Others are seedlingns

I have read this whole thread, and much else on this topic... I must have missed something. Can a mango trees' female flowers be pollinated by its own male flowers? If so, even if the seed was mono-embryonic wouldn't it be almost true to type? Or is self fertilization what makes poly-embryonic seeds?

Yes, self fertilization is possible. No it does not necessarily almost true to type, if that were the case, seedlings of monoembryonic Indian mangoes would be planted instead for the fruit instead of being grafted. Grafting changed mango cultivation forever when it was introduced to India. And mangoes often have perfect flowers, so the same flower could conceivably pollinate itself.

The link will take you one page back where the cause of Poly seeds is mentioned.

Thank you for the response. To be more specific, let's say there was a grafted specimen of a known monoembryonic cultivar in an isolated environment away from any other trees and it flowered and was self pollinated by whatever means of insect or hand and it produced fruit... why wouldn't the seeds be genetically identical?

What you are asking makes sense if you are looking at it that the male and female would be genetically identical in a mono plant and they would combine together to make a totally identical combination.

My (far removed) biology and botany classes would state instead that they are both brining their own sets of genetics and bashing together into a unique new combo of which there are many. Some might be close, some might be radically different. Like parents, their children and siblings.

The poly seems turkey unique because in there there is that genetic mashup, but along for the ride are clones.

I canít vouch for everything Iím saying here being correct, but I do believe in simple terms that is what is happening.

So even in a Bubble, or large mono crop orchard, that Kent seed is still going to be a wild card!

@Orkine - I want the tree to be as small as possible and plan to put it in the ground may end of this summer. I wanted to wait to put it in the ground until it was a little larger to be safer in case of a cold spell. I'd like to shape it so it starts branching out instead of just going straight up.

Good luck keeping it small if it is indeed Valencia Pride. I hear they are vigorous and one I planted from 7 gal 3 months agomhas doubled in size and flushed growth 3 times. I wouldn't leave any flowers on there, instead trim just below the to promote branching.

In SoCal even grafted Valencia prices are pretty small raggedy trees unfortunately. Got one in. 25 gallon hoping to get a massive mango shade tree and somehow it has shrank over the years. It is finally growing and fruiting, but very slow growth due to fruiting

Valencia Pride holding a good amount of mangoes getting finger size. Last year only harvested 4 hoping to double it this year. Have a few panicles on it right now so maybe a late season hold.

Mallika tree second year in the ground, thinned fruits to only branches I didnít want to grow any more for now, or where growth was occurring above fruit. Itís still tiny but healthy flushes and holding fruit so weíll see

Sweet tart scions out on a few weeks ago are really pushing with this heat as well as my other seedling flushing great with the heat

Hey Victoria Ave,

I know from experience Florida mango season peaks normally the 4th week of June into the 1st week of July. If they get heavy rains early there is always a risk of water-downed flavor and less-than-ideal mangos but that is the peril. In any event, you can grow the seeds. I plan on starting mine in my small greenhouse. I can double the growth rate in the 1st year via outdoor growth. Good luck.

A greenhouse in SoCal is most valuable, especially in Fall, Winter, and Spring.


My Small Greenhouse

Johnny that looks good, I used a cheap pop up canopy style green house that kind of bit me this winter. I hadnít been checking the trees in there as often for irrigating because it was raining so much. Obviously it wasnít raining in the green house so when we did get a frost it did some damage to my dry plants in the greenhouse while all my unprotected and very hydrated trees were fine. I hope to come up with a better solution soon!

Wow these Okrung or what I imagine Manna From Heaven Must taste like. Some folks frown on eating mangoes straight out of the refrigerator but after mowing the yard I find that it is quite refreshing. It also slows the ripening process down immensely. I picked this Okrung from a Grove I refer to as Area 51. When I visited they just had received a deluge of rain and I observed a very tall gray who must be a water Walker with webbed feet. For I am a sinker I had my work boots but my socks still got wet. I was able to harvest the Pirates Booty of Super Julie and this Okrung. I have to admit that I was a snob torch Asian Thai mangos. But now just like in the monkey song I am a believer because of Okrung

Iíll have what heís having

I was just at a nursery for work and we were talking about challenges with antracnose on tree species. The nurseryman there started describing how he has been using agrifos ( derived from phosphoric acid) and pentra-bark as a systemic fungicide on trees. The overspray is harmless and essentially a fertilizer and boosts the trees immune response in the soil.

Penta-bark is an interesting additive that appears to let whatever solutions it is in pass the bark barrier of the tree through the lenticels, and absorb into the tree. His thought and research is that then the fungicide gets into the tree and circulated throughout to combat the diseases from the inside out, as well as from the foliage application.

He says he has seen great results and has started using it as a preventative on his high value trees (and sells trees up to $20,000).

I picked up this combo to spray my sycamore with anthracnose but looked at the label for agrifos and saw they lost treating mangos

Just wanted to share

Nice! Those mangos look much riper than the ones I ordered. I think mine were pretty early in the season and did not reach their correct flavor. Luckily the seeds have all been germinating at least

I am looking for fast growing mango as well.
Are you trying to make some rootstocks for grafting?
That's the reason I am looking for

I am growing lots of different mango seedlings right now in SoCal. None of them have outperformed the manilla seedling. granted the one i have is not from home depot, but it is growing like crazy and likely to hit 12' this year. hopefully next year it flowers so I can begin growing those as root stock

Luke, were the manila seedlings planted in-ground or a pot? I have a fast growing lemon zest that I might be able to graft this year to a manila rootstock since they are both just a year old.

The Manila Iím talking about was put into the ground from a 15 gallon, and has taken off. For some odd reason Iíve had better success with trees going I tot he ground after growing in pots to a larger size. I have ppk, CAC, and orange sherbet which I received as 1 gallons last year. The CAC and orange sherbet I put into the ground and they really stalled out, and have grown with very very close internode spacing and small leaves. The leaves are finally coming out normal size and Iím hoping the internode spacing starts getting larger and I get some good growth.

The PPK went for. 1 to 3 gallon last year and just got potted up to 5 gallon and is pushing new growth and easily double the size of the in ground trees.

I put one of the sweet tart scions you sent on the Manila that is kicking ass, but Iíve left the rest of the tree ungrafted. Want give the fruit a go before I decide on working it over as it is such a star performer

I am looking for fast growing mango as well.
Are you trying to make some rootstocks for grafting?
That's the reason I am looking for

I am growing lots of different mango seedlings right now in SoCal. None of them have outperformed the manilla seedling. granted the one i have is not from home depot, but it is growing like crazy and likely to hit 12' this year. hopefully next year it flowers so I can begin growing those as root stock

Yeah, because of its reputation it is one I wanted to add to my collection. I ordered scions from tropical acres while the window was open and the weather was warming. Unfortunately none of them took, Iím assuming from our return to cold weather.

I out sweet tart scions on last week and am hoping they will take well due to the heat. Everything is pushing now

I noticed Tropical Acres doesn't list poly or mono on this one. I have another fruit from the same grower I'm waiting on and will see.

But very encouraging to hear it may be poly because it stands out from other poly mangos I've had

I had a peach cobbler mango from Florida. I was under the impression it was a mono embryonic mango, but saw a poly seeds when I cracked it open. It is definitely sprouting multiple seedlings.

The mango was a little early a tangy, but the riper areas near the seed were fiber free, sweet and citrus and fantastic.

If it is mono then I imagine the simplest explanation is that it was a mislabeled tree. But it possible for a mono mango to sometimes put out poly seeds? If so would these grow true to form?

As an aside, it is incredible how much easier untreated orchard ripened seeds are to germinate than The ones I get from grocery stores, shipped from India, or Haiti.

These Florida seeds germinate fast, and no mold. So did my Miyazaki mangos in Japan, but I will make a separate post about those later. (Yes I know they are just Irwin)

Tropical Fruit Buy, Sell & Trade / Re: Mango seeds
« on: June 22, 2023, 09:59:48 PM »
That is a California come up right there haha

Tropical Fruit Discussion / Re: Fresno Underground Home and Orchard
« on: June 15, 2023, 11:53:26 AM »
Dude also spent decades with no one bugging him about permits haha.

I have been wanting to check these out forever. I have a park we designed that should be being built in Fresno next year, so Iíll be in the area doing planting review and plan on Checking it out

One idea of dealing with the roots would be to dig a trench 3í deep and maybe 6Ē wide along the fence line. This would air prune the cedar roots. You could install root barrier on one side and landscape fabric around the sides and bottom and fill with gravel giving you root barrier and some drainage.

I know thatís not the question you asked, but my 2 cents

Received my package. Mangos were a bit more green than I expected but all have full shoulders and took no shipping damage. Hopeful they should ripen up just right and excited I can give these varieties a try!

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