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I have a large rare Ficus austrocaledonica that I need to get rid of, no room in the house this winter in NC. Seed obtained from Rare Palm Seeds back in 2012 and this is the form with red stipules, half were red and half were white out of the 24 or so seedlings. The fruit is reported to be edible but I donít know how good it is.$10 plus actual shipping charge. If you live in Florida that was hit by hurricane Ian it is free just pay actual  shipping. I checked with Pirate Ship and UPS ground is $70 to FL for the big box.This is the biggest box I can find and Iím still going to have to trim it back before shipping and reinforcements of course.

Eugenia pisiformis seedling last one Iím selling. Uber rare and Sellamiís favorite sweet type Eugenia. Very ornamental too with silver sheen new leaves that unfold out in a T shape. This plant is about to flush out new growth right now. $130 includes USPS Priority shipping. I just saw one this size go for $160 plus shipping on eBay. If it doesnít get bought by 9PM est Sunday the 28th it will put on eBay. Thanks and have a great day.

First 3 pictures of actual seedling. Fruit pic from seed supplier Sellami. Last pic is younger to show the silver new growth.

Hey my friends,

Check out what we have going on at the Myrtaceae Mania on the Band app. Become a maniac and donít miss out on the rare species and fun.
Hey, join our 'Myrtaceae Mania B/S/T Plinia Myrciaria Eugenia etc' group on BAND - The app for groups and communities!

Hey Myrtaceae Maniacs I have my last Eugenia pisiformis that Iím willing to let go on a raffle on the Myrtaceae Mania on Band.
I have heard some hobbyists on here say that some very rare species are priced so high that they are unobtainable, well I canít do anything about that itís just supply and demand but I can do a raffle at $5 a spot with 36 spots. Just 1 germinated seed retails for around $160 from Seedshunter the only source of this species outside of Brazil that I know of. Any ? please ask on the Band group. Thank you.

 Picture of the fruit from Sellami.

Actual seedling being sent to the winner no shipping charge anywhere in the USA and PR.

I have some really nice Myrtaceae species up for auction that includes shipping. This is an exclusive Myrtaceae auction BST group on Band. I have Eugenia pitanga rare Black fruit variety seed from Miguel in Portugal, very rare Eugenia uniflora Dwarf Orange seed from Sellami aka Seedshunter, rare Plinia sp Diamantina and Psidium hybrid Araza. Hey, join our 'Myrtaceae Mania B/S/T Plinia Myrciaria Eugenia etc' group on BAND - The app for groups and communities!

Plinia sp Diamantina rare dwarf Jaboticaba seedling on eBay. Also have Plinia sp Campo Ramon and Cone-Tainers seed starting tray system on there.Auctions end Sunday evening 5-22. Thanks and have a great day, David

This the last  Eugenia noumeensis  that I am willing to part with. Auction ends Sunday evening. Check out my other auctions as I combine shipping to save you $. Any ? please ask.

Hey fellow Tropical Fruit Growers,

I have a few Ficus austrocaledonica plants on auction that I grew from cuttings from last year. They are very well rooted now. Apparently the fruit is edible but it is grown mainly as an ornamental. I would just do a buy it now price on here but I really donít know what a reasonable price would be for them because they are uncommonly sold. Price starts at $22 each and $40 for 2. If you have any ? let me know.



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