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Auctions ends tonight. Have great day.

Math: 34
Science: 34
English: 33

Ive bought from several sellers on this forum since 2015(had an older account lost pw). I can sincerely say that Hapajoe has reasonable prices and super quality. I remember how hard it was to get duguetia seeds in late 2010's. You would have to cough up $10, 15 or even 25 for a single old seeds thst wouldnt germinated even after GA3 treatment. $6 is a great deal. Other seeds lile the Theobromas he has for $15 and 8 are good deals too. The theobroma silvestre he has for sale $8 a germinated seed is a steal. Ive never seen anyone offer thst species at all. I will say some times it may seem a bit high but he is sourcing it personalky from South America and bringing them into the US on record time. Freshness justifies it in my eyes. Plus most of the old sellers have long stopped so I appreciate anyone who continues supplying us collectors with these rare gems. Plus eventually someone is going to fruit these things and offer the seeds at a cheaper price so you can wait. That is what i did and still do with certain species. Joe Hewitt in Hawaii might be a source eventually(im sure he gets stuff from hapajoe too).

You are absolutely spot on!!! Nothing is worse than buying even cheap seeds and finding out the hard way months later that they were old with 0% germination.

You have been holding on to those images since 2020, sounds like you have it out for him or just jealous, either way just let it go. We were the ones bringing the price up by bidding them up. He didnít do that. At the time the supply was low and demand was high during a time people were using their stimulus $. We didnít know that the flow of seeds from Brazil was going flow more or completely shut off. We just need to enjoy this good time weíre having now and make the best of it because who knows when it will shut off again. Lifeís too short to fussing about seed prices when nobody is forcing someone to buy.

I donít really feel a way about Sellami. I liked his ethos and what he was doing when he popped on the scene, if anything. I think he got in over his head on multiple fronts and taking payments and not sending orders for months. When the whales started eating , he saw the $$$& & tried to chase it harder with the whole pay to play to be a part of his super special seed friends club.
I think some locals with internet saw the price he was getting for a single seed and perhaps felt undercut or taken advantage of, I donít know.

What I do know is he had to skedaddle Brazil post haste to save his ass one way or the other.
Always glad to have more quality rare seed sellers  and folks sharing the rare species around.

Same as Saffron man did with the Jaboís ( love him or hate him) , thereís now several ďboutiqueĒ Jabo nurseries. Ego and/or $$ got ahold of him for a spell also.

Love him or hate him if it wasnít for that guy we might not have the 4 or so great seed sources we have now in the USA. Do you know how much he gave back to the community where he collected the seeds? Let us know if you do. From what I have read on Facebook seems like most of the collectors down there in Brazil respect him.

Yes Joe! Keep up the good works with the right vibez.
Real talk. Not everyone loveís bushwacking and lack of creature comforts.
If your not in humble appreciation of the locals and instead treat people like your valet at the four seasons you should get spit out and rejected from a place , there are various manners.
Being guided by locals through their homelands and trying to make money off their native plants, that is not going to please anyone. Indigenous folks have nuff awareness of the conquistador mentality of come and take and not give thanks.
 Hey I wonder whatever happened to the guy that was auctioning germinated seeds for $200-$300 a piece and asked you to pay a flat rate for the right to be in the special whale club to bid on his private auction?
Maximum respect out to Joe.

Love him or hate him if it wasnít for that guy we might not have the 4 or so great seed sources we have now in the USA. Do you know how much he gave back to the community where he collected the seeds? Let us know if you do. From what I have read on Facebook seems like most of the collectors down there in Brazil respect him.

Wow amazing expedition Joe. Duguetia stenantha seed at $6 is an incredible deal. I wish I had some ideal land to cultivate that species. Sounds like it fruits fast enough that a variety with even less seeds can be selected for the next generations.

3 for $16 including shipping sounds like a good deal. I havenít seen any that looks that robust. If I was grafting I would certain try some. I like your ambition Ryan Jo looking forward to see what else you and your friend is going to put on the market.


Acu de Bahia
Rare new coronata introduced to US early 2021-2022
And thatís all we know lol

Does not include shipping costs!


Well we know itís native to Bahia state in Brazil and Acu is large which I assume is the size of the fruit. Thatís more info than many of these new introductions.

Tropical Fruit Buy, Sell & Trade / Re: 2022 PayPal taxes
« on: November 25, 2022, 09:15:15 AM »

Hobby expenses canít be itemized after 2018, only standard deduction that everyone receives. I had last yearís taxes done by H&R Block and my tax preparer said I couldnít deduct my hobby expenses. I just think it should be more than $600, nobody is making a living off of that. Also most of the items sold by average folks were paid with $ already taxed to begin with.

Tropical Fruit Buy, Sell & Trade / Re: 2022 PayPal taxes
« on: November 25, 2022, 12:48:16 AM »
With todayís inflation the threshold should be 3 times that. Whatís going to happen is hobby sellers trying to recoup some expenses are going to stop selling and many businesses start as hobbies so they will decline too long term. Someone could form a LLC to write off all of the expenses which for many is more than their profits but after 2 years, if I can recall, they have to show a profit to keep it.

I found a better size box for this plant at uhaul. It is $8 and is 15x15x48. I can adjust it down to about 30Ē to what dimensions you are willing to pay for shipping. I also have a 15x16x27in Home Depot box that is around $30 to FL, just know that I will have to obviously chop this plant down a lot but it is a tough plant that will recover very well. Go to  and put in 27295 zip code for mine, dimensions and 30lb weight and see what the UPS Ground reduced shipping rate is on there. You will find 10lb to 40lb is all the same as it is rated by dimensions. Also it jumps drastically in price from around 42Ē to 46Ē at least to FL from here. If interested let me know.

I have a large rare Ficus austrocaledonica that I need to get rid of, no room in the house this winter in NC. Seed obtained from Rare Palm Seeds back in 2012 and this is the form with red stipules, half were red and half were white out of the 24 or so seedlings. The fruit is reported to be edible but I donít know how good it is.$10 plus actual shipping charge. If you live in Florida that was hit by hurricane Ian it is free just pay actual  shipping. I checked with Pirate Ship and UPS ground is $70 to FL for the big box.This is the biggest box I can find and Iím still going to have to trim it back before shipping and reinforcements of course.

Have to give credit to Sellami if it wasnít for him we wouldnít know that we can even get seeds out of Brazil and from what Iíve heard he gives back to the Brazilian people to help conservation efforts there. The high demand made it possible for others to take the risk to ship seeds out of Brazil during a time where the mail system there and here was moving at a snails pace due to COVID. I know I lost $400 in seeds and shipping phytosanitary charge during that time, luckily Iím not a business just growing as a hobby. Now we have 5 other sellers of Brazilian seeds in the US and Germany that I know of and a good supply. We wouldnít have all these choices and variety if it wasnít for people profiting. As to eBay, sometimes they end well below the average market value too. Many times if an auction went higher than I thought it would go I would send something extra but nobody is forcing folks to bid way high.

Let's face it. People like rare things. People pay more for rare things. Doesn't apply just to plants. Think everywhere.
You bring a rare seed into the US with high demand. Of course it will sell for a lot.
Just once it becomes commonly available the price goes down. Simple.

Exactly it comes down to supply and demand. For several years no seeds were banned to export out of Brazil then they started trickling out in 2020 so many people spent their stimulus $ on rare seeds not knowing if the spigot will be shut off again. Now we have increased supply and lower demand because people donít have as much extra hobby $ due to inflation. I still advise if there is a particular species that is available that you really want you should get it now, who know when the flow of seeds from Brazil can come to a full stop just like in the past.

Will you ever have more of these?

I might have one more that Iím willing to let go but that wonít be until next year in the Spring.

About 24hrs left on these auctions done miss out. Have a great  Labor Day my friends.


Eugenia pisiformis seedling last one Iím selling. Uber rare and Sellamiís favorite sweet type Eugenia. Very ornamental too with silver sheen new leaves that unfold out in a T shape. This plant is about to flush out new growth right now. $130 includes USPS Priority shipping. I just saw one this size go for $160 plus shipping on eBay. If it doesnít get bought by 9PM est Sunday the 28th it will put on eBay. Thanks and have a great day.

First 3 pictures of actual seedling. Fruit pic from seed supplier Sellami. Last pic is younger to show the silver new growth.

Added a 2nd spin 2nd place winner to this raffle to increase the odds of winning a plant. The 2nd place winner can pick either a Plinia pseudodichasiantha  or Eugenia sp Cerrado Pitanguinha / Cereja do Rio Paranaiba. Both are quite rare market price around $45 plus shipping on eBay.

Changed it to a winnerís choice raffle. Winner can pick between Eugenia pisiformis or Myrciaria sp Iguatu var Preta. $6 a spot 25 spots includes shipping to anywhere in the USA or PR.

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