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There is currently an ongoing hard freeze happening now and probably the weekend. I would like to hear any data of frost hardiness of any citrus varieties following the event. It's going to get doen to 10 degrees F here, so I'll record my data and not protect anything.

I can't wait to hear your results.

Mike A.

Went down to 9. Iíll figure out what is damaged or not probably after a few days since weíre still below freezing for over 24 hours.

Following, and I'll report on these in a few days, low of 5f: *small update*

Yuzu on own roots somewhat protected (stacked bricks covering the main stems)- this one died to the ground last year at 6f with freezing rain- lots of damage on the top of leaves and tender growth turned white and burned

Yuzu on Poncirus -damaged leaves

Tai-tri own roots- leaves turning yellow no obvious damage to stems

Citrumelo own roots- leaves curling no obvious damage to stems

Morton on Tai-tri- scion looks a little dry

Morton on Citrumelo- scion looks a little dry

Prague on Tai-tri- whole branch turned slightly yellow (is this poncirus influence?) leaves turned yellow

Prague on Poncirus- top looks sun burned but lower part of plant is fine with green leaves

Ninkat x Poncirus- top looks sun burned but lower part of plant still holding leaves

random seedlings of kumquat and sour orange- some survivors of kumquat, sour orange very damaged, random yuzu seedling took almost no damage just top leaves

and of course Poncirus/+ which shouldn't have a problem- still holding leaves

Feijoa protected (agribon + incandescent lights)- healthy green color leaves look good, small amount of leaves closer to the top of the fabric slightly dry and light brown possible damaged from touching fabric

Feijoa unprotected - these dropped leaves  last year at 6f with freezing rain- light brown leaves definitely damaged not as bad as last year

Kadsura coccinea somewhat protected (stacked bricks and agribon small plant not a vine yet)- two tender young leaves turned brown at the top otherwise the whole seedling survived

Loquat small graft on apple- doesnt appear damaged

Iíll report on these on Monday, should be above freezing on Monday and should be straight.

5* star citrumelo - Grafted
Dunstan citrumelo - own
Taitri - own
Ichang Papeda - Grafted
Dimicelli - Grafted
Ventura Lemandarin - own
Citrangremo -Grafted
F2 Cirus glauca/finger lime? - own
F2 Citrus australis - own
N1Tri x Citrus - own
Ichangstar60 x Citrus - own
Citrus hongheensis x Citrus - own
Razzlequat - own
Citrus taiwanica - own
Citrus glauca x shek - grafted
All grafted are on poncirus

I also have ornamental trees like Cinnamomum, and Persea I may report on.


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