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Citrus damage after freeze

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@vnomonee and perplaxed, very interested in your results, though some damages are not seen now but only in april/ may. We had freeze in winter 2020/21 down to 3,6 F and after freeze I thought plants to be still green and don' t hit by freeze, but then they died until april/may.
We had a few days freeze in December down to 8,6 F (unusual for december) but up to now only a few new branches a little bit hurt, nearly no damages.

Good point about plants later dying in the spring, that actually happened to my 4ft tall yuzu that ended up dying all the way to the ground in the spring. Had a look at some of the stuff today, I think the sunshine damaged the hardy plants more than the actual cold... am seeing what looks like sun burn/scald. Winter is far from over so there might be colder days. Hopefully not! 

I had a five-foot-tall citradia die one spring after it put out two inches of new growth after last freeze and noticed that the trunk split on south side of tree. I think it was a zero-degree winter that year.

Not looking too good right now, but Iíll report later when things warm up after a while.

It will be several months before you know he extent of damage.


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