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Meiwa grows true to parent tree.  So is Fukushu.

So the only zygotic ones are nagami and marumi

It would be interesting to see a Maurimi x Cintrange, and to see how that stacks-up in comparison to a "thomasville" in flavor.
The only reason I specified "Meiwa" is because it is so sweet and could be an interesting combination with a citrange.

I think meiwa can have polyembryonic seeds, so wouldn't that mean that crossing is possible?

Can't you use Meiwa as pollen parent on Swingle 5 Star, Sanford Citrange or US852? I have also an Citrumelo (presumably Sacaton / Yuma Citrange) that has relatively sweet fruits. I would not recomment their taste to anybody because of their bitterness and Poncirus influence but besides that they were quite fruity and aromatic. A cross with kumquat would have much potential... The bigger peel of a citrumelo in combination with the thick peel of Meiwa might also give a nice result. My citrumelo seems to be monoembryonic.

I was thinking about that cross Till.  It doesn't fit in with my breeding plans or goals.  But it would certainly interest me.


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