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Trying to find a source of Flemingia vestita (Moghania vestita, Flemingia procumbens, Soh-phlang, Soh-phlong) tubers to grow in my garden. Anyone have these or know a source that sells them? Looking for viable tubers for my garden. Thanks!


This is probably a long shot but thought I would see if anyone has any. I have several cereus peruvianus but they don't flower at the same time and are not self fertile. If anyone has blooming cereus peruvianus now I was wondering if I could by some pollen from you. I need it in short order as my cereus will bloom in a few days. I am willing to pay for overnight shipping and for the pollen. I so much want to get fruit but this bloom time issue has been a constant issue. I need fresh pollen please. If you have a cereus blooming now please please share some pollen with me! Thanks so much for any help! Alternatively I am willing to trade some pollen if you are in need. My cactus is a monstrose version but not I can use any C. peruvianus pollen

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