Author Topic: What guava varieties are most like the taste & smell of "guava nectar" drinks?  (Read 470 times)


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I'd like to plant a guava tree, but there are so many varieties to choose from.  Ideally, I'd be able to taste test a few options and choose my favorite, but fresh tropical fruit is hard to come by.  I love the smell and taste of guava nectar drinks (e.g., Kern's, Hawaiian Sun), but I don't know what variety those drinks typically use. (The ingredients just say, "guava.")  My best guesses would be Ruby Supreme or Hawaiian Red/Pink.  What guava varieties are similar to (or superior to) those drinks?  (And yes, both the smell and taste are important to me as I find the scent of guava to die for.)  Thanks for any help!


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ruby x supreme is the standard pink variety for home cultivation in Hawaii.

i don't know for certain what Hawaiian sun uses but the commercial cultivars that are grown here for food production were Beaumont but have supposedly been/being phased out and replaced with Ka Hua Kula.  but keep in mind the processed drinks and food made usually have other stuff added to augment the flavor, most guava stuff here is mixed with some other fruit juice as filler/flavor. a lot of guava product also have citric acid added for flavor.  fresh pink guava also depending on the stain tends to have a noticeable musky smell and taste you don't really get in whites but i don't smell or taste it in the drinks, and when i ask people that's the thing they tend to not like about eating pink guavas.

i tend to smoothy my guava instead of eating straight and even the straight blended guava tastes different then the Hawaiian sun guava nectar drink caned juice.


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