Author Topic: Growing passionflowers in containers outside their zone  (Read 145 times)


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Growing passionflowers in containers outside their zone
« on: April 11, 2024, 04:16:06 PM »
This is what I'm attempting to do in Zone 5, wonder if anyone else has attempted the same.

I have passiflora edulis, ligularis, tripartita (var azuayensis), manicata, caerulea and incarnata.

Incarnata and caerulea might be able to overwinter in-ground here with sufficient mulching, at least during mild winters. They were able to when I lived 50 miles further south (Zone 6) during the mild 2022-2023 winter. However, they take too long to sprout/wake from dormancy in the spring so I don't get any flowers unless I grow them in containers.

Currently, my plants are about to enter their second season. Most are grown from seed, although caerulea and incarnata are from cuttings. Have you found you can get fruits on your first year (rather than 2nd-3rd) if you grow the plants from cuttings?

And is the growing season long enough to get fruits in Zone 4-6? Last/first frost is May 10 and Oct 10 here, on average.

Which species are able to overwinter in a dormant state and at what temperatures? My garage is at 25-40F during the winter, and I tried overwintering caerulea in there and they seem okay. My root/wine cellar in the basement is around 40-50F during the winter, so that's also a possibility for non-frost hardy plants. I overwintered my yacon in there and it seems to have worked out (yacon is now sprouting new growth). Would edulis for example be able to overwinter in a dormant state at 40-50F (no light)? How about ligularis?

For now, I'm keeping ligularis, edulis, manicata, incarnata, and tripartita in a south facing window of my house (room temperature, 65-70F).

Would you agree that the foliage of most species other than caerulea and its hybrids is not hardy to hard freezes (below 28F or so)? That was the hardiness of my incarnata foliage that I had in-ground. As for my other 4 species, I didn't dare expose them to any frosts yet. Would even light freezes be risky (30-32F)?

Also does anyone know what the difference is between tripartita azuayensis and mollisima? The source I bought passiflora seeds from only had azuayensis but it seems like mollisima is more commonly grown for banana passionfruit.


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