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Gold Nugget Mandrin

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I have to admit the ones in your photo look much better than the ones I bought. The ones I got had pale inner flesh and some were dry while the few that were juicy had very little flavor at all. :(

sugar land dave:

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--- Quote from: Riverland on May 07, 2014, 12:15:06 AM ---We tend to overlook the effect of the packing house.
It has been proven that citrus taste far superior before they enter the packing house, than when they exit.
All that bumping around, whilst washing, waxing and heating effect the flavour. Not to mention the time spent off the tree before it reaches you at the store.
Perhaps GN is one of those varieties that doesn't hold up to the rigors of modern handling as well as other varieties.

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Very true. I'm thankfully for the plethora of local farmers markets which bring the goods from field to market quickly. The first weeks fruits are ripening there is very little storage and it's as farm fresh as it gets. It's hard to wait until April for Gold Nuggets here. I foolishly picked mine in late February because they were completely orange but they weren't full flavored yet.
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I agree that with some fruit it is easy to pick too soon.  I still have some Rio Red grapefruit on my tree and they taste much sweeter than those picked early in the season.


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