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Giant Key Lime

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I had never heard of this and picked one up on a whim in the spring.  It had a single fruit, which I just ate today.  It was exactly as described... much larger than a key lime and very seedy.  I can't tell the difference in taste between Key/Mexican Lime and Bearss/Persian Lime anyways so I wonder why I even bother with the seedy ones.

UCR info on this variety:

I once had an in ground Bearess Lime tree (10-ft. tall and 8-Ft. wide) which produced a lot of fruit, all of which was seedless.  I eventually tossed that tree out to plant a Valentine Pummelo in its place.  The reason I made that decision, I did not have a need for a ton of limes every year.   As I must grow my citrus trees inside a Colorado greenhouse space is very valuable.  I do have 3 New Zealand Lemonade trees, (1-grafted tree and two seedling trees) and can eat that fruit out of hand. - Millet

I expect I will do something similar... as I run out of space I will consolidate lemons and limes down to likely one Eureka and one Persian on the eaves of the greenhouse (5 1/2 ft tall).  Having too much fruit is a problem I look forward to having.

That's a pretty lime! Plant those seeds!

I have commonly seen this type of key lime coming from the main Florida citrus growers.   Oddly enough,  I dont see as often the "old time/classic" round key lime like those that I used to pick from the neighboring Tavernier fire station in the Florida Keys.


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