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So citrus trees are *not* generally ideally full-sun plants?

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All of my citrus are in containers.  I found that as the trees grew larger to fill there 40-gal containers, they became harder to water.  In the hot Spring, Summer, Fall months, I would have to pretty much have a constant drip (w/ soakers under mulch) running for the afternoon hours.  I had a lot of fruit drop due to this (even mature fruit was dropping and/or splitting).  After moving to a spot where the trees only saw morning to early afternoon sunlight (and were shaded in the later afternoon), the plants started doing much better.  I do think they suffer in the energy and photosynthesis side somewhat from their limited ~6 hours of sun, but it's worth the trade-off.  For trees planted in the ground, I would think that it would depend on how scalding hot the sun gets during periods when the tree is pushing out new leaves.  Also, how well they can be irrigated.  Younger trees likely benefit from the adaptive shading.

This is really great for us.  In the summer we have lots of light, but spread out over a long day rather than concentrated around noon. At other points in the year, we choose however much we want to supplement and for how long of a period of time.  Should make it a lot easier to achieve good production.

I have found the same here in Perth.......In the heat of summer i place my containers so they get morning sun only....until 1pm and then they are shaded........I have three trees that receive little sun in my courtyard with roof cover and dappled light and they all look healthy........I have mixed results with the 4 i have in the ground that are in full sun.......i reckon they need gradual conditioning to full sun...........In winter time.....the sun sits i move my trees closer to the house......and under the eaves........they still get the same amount of sun but boy does it rain through winter here.......its rained for the last week...every day......My newly seeded lawn is going for it !
I find the only trees that like full sun in perth are mango"s and Papaya.

A lot of this is totally climate dependent. In the hot dry summers of Southern California, plants tend to do better in a little bit of shade. Even plants that are said to do best in full sun. Somewhere further North with cooler temperatures, more sun is better.

In Iceland I definitely would not worry about citrus getting "too much" light.

Mike T:
The article is pretty general and doesn't seem to consider temps, humidity, wind and UV index or that full sun adapted plants often close stomates. Various citrus have different climate preferences as well and might perform differently when shaded in different places. Less sun might also make trees more prone to fungal attack also.
The waxy leaves of many citrus are not typical of understorey plants with a few exceptions,
My ones that get shaded get more fungal attack and get taller.Citrus just seem to prefer full sun even in a warm climate.


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