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Horticultural Oil For Insect Control

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For a complete elimination of insects listed below, and for ultra safe personal protection, use a good horticultural oil.  It eliminates most all common insects that attack citrus. Can be sprayed between 32F to 90F.  Insects NEVER become immune, no matter how often or how long horticultural sprays are used.  Be sure to keep ingredients (water & oil) blended while spraying

Insects killed:
Rust mite, red spider mite, scales, white fly, thrips, mealy bug, aphids, Greasy spot, loosening of sooty mold.

What concentration oil do you use? Do you use an emulsifier, if so what kind and at what concentration?

Best emulsifier is to mix the oil with dish soap 50/50 and then with water.
If you want a more professional emulsifier then use lecitine.
Beware that horticultural oil can kill or damage a lot of plants .
I never sprayed on citrus but mimosa tree i sprayed lost all its leaves while almond trees had nothing to complain about.

Now i use only soapy water and i completely skipped the oil from the retepy.

I wonder if it has high efficacy against subterranean scale infestations.

Vlad the concentration I use is 50 grams (1.8 oz.) per gallon of water.   I have used it both with and without an emulsifying agent.  The emulsifying agent, when used, is Tween 20 (TW-20).  The brand name of the horticultural oil that I always use is Ultra Pure Horticultural Oil.  As a side note, the sprayer I use is a 3-gallon  Solo back Pack sprayer.  Whether I add a emulsifier or not I frequently shake the solution to ensure a uniform blend.  I cannot fully reply to Sea Walnut statement of damage to other trees.  All I can say is that personally I have never seen any damage to any of the varieties that I have sprayed, certainly not citrus.  There are many types of horticultural oils on the market.  Some with grater and lower impurities.  I always purchase Ultra Pure HO, as it is the best of the best.


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