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Horticultural Oil For Insect Control

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During summer months spray horticultural oils in the evening before sunset and you should be fine.


--- Quote from: Calusa on April 24, 2022, 10:25:33 AM ---I'm in 10A - as we approach Summer what temperature range is the cutoff for using oils, and can soaps be used during the hottest part of the hyear?

--- End quote ---

That's my problem. Most oils can't be sprayed above 85-90F. Where I live, that's when the trees are flushing and I see the most pests. I resort to spraying the trees off with a hose every week or so.

Sometimes you have to wait for a cool evening to spray in warmer climates.

I highly highly recommend a ULV (ultra low volume) fogger for pest management and foliage applications. The fine mist covers ALL the plant way more efficiently and you use much less chemical. I worked for an arborist for a few years and this was better than any backpack sprayer. In my own business I use this to fertilize palms and in my grove I use this for neem oil and kelp sprays.

Super handy ULV is affordable on Amazon. Itíll save you hours in the long run vs hand spraying

Oh and I forgot to mention it makes spraying totally fun and you look like a ghost buster while your at it

I totally feel your pain with those Cms in Western Australia - they can be a real nuisance! I used to struggle with them too until I stumbled upon a local pest control service in Sunderland, UK. They've been a lifesaver for me in keeping those critters at bay. I'm not sure if they operate in Australia, but you might want to check out their website at just in case they have any helpful tips or products that could work for you Down Under.  I've found that timing is everything, and spring is indeed the key. Getting ahead of those little critters before they show up has been a lifesaver for my citrus.


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