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Horticultural Oil For Insect Control

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Oolie, what do you mean by the term subterranean scale?  For horticultural oils to work, it has to coat the insect's body.

Understood, the difficulty is getting it to bind to the chitinous body without being impeded by the acidic soil substrate. Horticultural oils unfortunately are also acidic, so they will be impeded by the soil.

I think we may be on the right track though.

I simply use cooking oil as horticultural oil,sunflower oil to more exact.
What it does its that it blocks the insect tracheas and they sufocate.
Its logical that no insect can build resistance to this.

But im sure that essential oils wich are basically the plant imune system can be used and be more succesfull than even manny toxic chemicals to kill and prevent pests while at the same time being a natural product.
People use thime oil to kill mites and those big big mites( Ticks) that suck the blood of the dogs and also cause Lime disease if they bite you.
I used Thime oil,mint oil ,lemongrass oil ,to kill pest mites in my beehives without killing the bees.
You could probably use citrus essential oils also and to protect citrus trees.
Essential oils are also deadly and as little as eating a spoon could kill a human but in various retepyes against pest insects you use only a few drops for a litter of water.
Much less than horticultural oil and a small bottle of essential oil lasts a lot.
This i think it could work even for the insects that Ollie is talking about wich i assume they grow on the roots of the plants.

I did some searching recently for horticultural oil due to bugs on other plants, and it appears to be mineral oil?

I use spinosad which keeps the population of clm down.


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