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compact lemon options

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Right now I have Eureka, Lisbon, St Teresa, Meyer, and Sunquat.   Only the meyer and sunquat are anything close to compact but they don't have the true lemon taste.  I bought the Lisbon to try grafting onto Flying Dragon, but the parent plant looks so vigorous that I'm doubtful that even the dwarfing rootstock will keep it tame. 

this site seems to suggest Lisbon-on-Flying-Dragon is workable:

and here's a picture of what I am guessing is Lisbon-on-Flying-Dragon:

I guess I will have to try it and see.

Go for it.  I have 2 Fukushu kumquats on Flying dragon and it is more compact than the Fukushu on C35 or on its own roots

Yes, if you graft lemon on FD it will not grow much. I grafted Lisbon & Yuzu, and both are slow growing on this tree.

Good to hear.  Is yuzu normally very vigorous?  I don't know much about it but I intend to get one when I can find it.

Yuzu has not been a vigorous grower for me. I hear some people have problems trying to keep it growing well, not sure why.  I had my grafted Yuzu on FD for over 10 years and it grew only 3 ft with some side branches. I do get fruits on it but not much. I plan to graft it on another rootstock (macrophylla) and get some more Yuzu cuttings from CCPP in case I got a dud the first time.


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