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Best tasting italian lemon ?

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Amalfi lemon is not a variety, but a PGI. Usually, the Femminello Sfusato variety is used to obtain them.

Boris, a question for you on the Sfusato lemons. I read the following info from the UCR database on the FEMMINELLO SIRACUSANO 2KR LEMON.

""The 'Femminello' group of lemons is the most important group in Italy. It comprises several selections with individual characteristics. The two main sub-groups are the 'Femminello Ovale' (also known as the 'Femminello Comune') and the 'Femminello Sfusato' (also known as the 'Femminello Siracusa'). "

"The present accession, 'Femminello siracusano 2KR' is apparently a selection of the 'siracusa'"

Does this info above say the VI-692, Femminello Siracusano 2KR, is the same as the Femminello Sfusato?

The nucellar lines usually have some small differences. In addition, the technology used gamma irradiation to increase mutations. The developers note a smaller number of thorns on the branches and earlier maturation. So probably not. Femminello Siracusano 2KR is different from Femminello Sfusato. But the differences are small.

ok, thank you for this info.

Somewhat relevant: these researchers surveyed hobbyist about high-demand varieties not found in the CCPP budwood program. (They want to reduce the chances that a hobbyist brings in a tree with HLB from out of state.) Here's what they said about Feminello:

--- Quote ---Feminello Sfusato (Figure 4) is a major lemon variety in
Italy. Its juice is used in Italian cuisine and its skin is used to make the liqueur limoncello. Feminello Sfusato was a very common survey response and was one of the most requested varieties. Some people requested it as ‘Sfusato Amalfitano’ or ‘Sorrento lemon.’ People on internet forums suggested that they would be willing to smuggle or engage in other reckless behavior to acquire it.
--- End quote ---


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