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Best tasting italian lemon ?

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Forum member Laaz has a collection of Italian lemons and used to post about them.  Some time ago I asked for a recommendation and Santa Teresa was one. 

I got a tree, grew it out, and it tastes the same to me as eureka & lisbon.  Maybe the difference is subtle, or it is just me.   I think mine has a bunch of fruit ripening now so I get to do another comparison

The Amalfi lemons are also quite famous

I've only had Santa Theresa, a Femminello type.

I thought the rind had a very nice texture, also it had no bitterness or astringency you might get from a store lemon. The was no resin like you would get in a Meyer. The fruit had ideal acidity from what I can recall.

I used them in Piccatta, where the rind is cooked and consumed right along with the pulp, so it was the superior variety for me.


--- Quote from: Peep on April 30, 2023, 07:07:25 AM ---The Amalfi lemons are also quite famous

--- End quote ---

Would love to hear about Santa Teresa compared to Amalfi for jucing as well as for the rind.

I have fruits from the "FEMMINELLO SIRACUSANO 2KR LEMON" and "SFUSATO  AMALFITANO" fruits.
The Sfusato Amalfitano fruit is the nornal size fruit, not the large ones you see in some of those photos in amalfi coast markets.

I don't think I can do a good job of describing the flavor, taste. But I can take a few photos to show, and maybe taste the with pith of the rind and give you feedback on if it's bitter or not. I also have fruits from the Lisbon, Eureka, Pink Lemon, Ponderosa, Var. Pink, Meyer lemon to compare it to.

I did ask a friend who grew up in Sicily to do a taste comparison, here's his comments after tasting the three lemons (Eureka, Lisbon, and S. Amalfitano).

1. Eureka lemon: This lemon has more bitter-tart taste than either the Lisbon or the Amalfitano lemon. The taste is robust but not too sour. There is also a slight aftertaste that is less tart and more bitter.

2. Lisbon lemon: This lemon has a less tart and more bitter taste than the Eureka or Amalfitano. The taste is robust and more sour than bitter, and it has less aftertaste than the Eureka.

3. Amalfitano: This lemon has a more complex flavor than either the Eureka or the Lisbon lemons. In terms of tartness, it is tarter than either the Eureka or the Lisbon lemon. It also has more aftertaste than either the Eureka or the Lisbon lemon. The aftertaste is very pleasant and less bitter than either the Eureka or the Lisbon lemon.

4. If I were to rank the three lemons as regards to flavor when eaten raw (out of hand) I would rate them as follows;
1) Amalfitano as the most preferred
2) Lisbon
3) Eureka, least preferred



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