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Help, Iím loosing all my Meyer lemons

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Help! Iím loosing all my Meyer lemons. How do I make it stop? They are almost grape size and Iím afraid the golf ball sized are next. I bought it at star nursery in Las Vegas for my mother in law a couple of weeks ago. And bought one with lemons on it so she would like it better. I moved it to a semi shady spot then it started loosing the really small lemons so I moved it to a sunny spot. I also sprayed it with the correct amount of neem oil because aphids were attacking 2 near by trees. I also pulled back a few 1-2 inches of soil and added compost. At that time I noticed the feeder roots were at least 3-4 inches down and that compared to my other citrus the soil drained a lot slower. I have been fertilizing it and it has a new flush of leaves. It was just loosing the tiny lemons but now itís gradually loosing larger and larger lemons. Itís possible I over watered it in the beginning but I havenít watered it in a week and itís still dropping lemons.

Nick C:
Fruit trees will naturally thin the fruit they're holding. I have a lemon tree that had hundreds of  little fruits and its also dropped hundreds. How big is the tree?

I wouldn't worry so much about the current crop, there is not much you can do to "force" them to hold on.  You are likely stressing the tree with change.  I would focus on letting it stabilize with healthy foliage and then it will be in a great position to hold a quality crop.  Meyer lemons flower often so you shouldn't have to wait long.

Unfortunately I think itís more than natural thinning. I think if itís to late to save any of the fruit than we will repot it into better soil and then put it at my mother in laws and give it the summer to do better. 😕

First of all it's a small tree in the photos which is too small to produce much fruit. But that's how all citrus is especially meyer. Meyer loses a lot of fruit but it blooms year round. Plus you put it into a new environment which causes stress so it needs time to settle in. My meyer would be covered in flowers and small fruit but very few of them make it to maturity but it's still the best container citrus. Once it gets good size you get more fruit


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