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Help, Iím loosing all my Meyer lemons

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I should have bought the Meyer lemon I saw 2 weeks ago at Walmart. It was grafted onto c-35. I can get a tiny meyer right now that is grafted into FD but itís really small. Once upon a time. I owned an amazing Meyer. It was so resilient, it endured snow, lack of watering and it grew so well and gave lemons. I miss those days. I wonder what it was grafted into. Now all I get is lime trees dying out of nowhere and an orange tree that gives me nothing. I did just buy a frost owari and c-35 and Iím going to plant it in my yard with some protection in the winter.

Meyer does great on its own roots and is a good size for containers. Limes are one of the most difficult citrus to get fruit and most are very cold sensitive. There's two different meyer lemons. All of them are improved Meyers but the regular meyer is basically dwarf or semi dwarf. It gets 10 or 12 feet max. There's a smaller dwarf meyer that on its own roots maxes out around six feet. It's the smallest citrus and best container citrus. Though it does grow as a bush and will get very wide and has some thorns not a lot but some. So it's better on its own roots due to small size.

Thank you for everyoneís responses.


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