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Help, Iím loosing all my Meyer lemons

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Itís not super big but my frustration comes in that ever since I lost my last meyer lemon I canít get any tree I buy to produce fruit. And I canít figure out what Iím doing wrong. My naval orange is more than 5 yrs old. I have it in perlite, baseball field sand and i think peat. I thought for sure this is the year I will get oranges but nope. And I feel like this is itís just one more failure that I canít figure out. My first meyer was so enjoyable but it was in straight CHC. Maybe I need to go back to that.  Our water here is very alkaline.


My orange tree is in the middle and looks healthy. The Meyer is on the right.

I have had meyer lemon trees in containers for nearly a decade now and they have NEVER been healthy and happy.  They are always dropping leaves, fruit, looking haggard.  It seems they are always grown from cuttings, I am going to try grafting one and see if it does better on a trifoliate rootstock instead of its own roots

Brian, what has done well in pot for you?


--- Quote from: Desertcitrus on May 26, 2023, 09:51:36 PM ---Brian, what has done well in pot for you?

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All of my grafted citrus have been great in containers.  I think the issue with Meyer lemon is that it is commonly sold as a rooted cutting and maybe they do not do well on their own roots.  Most non-lemon citrus are grafted, lemons are one of the few that readily root and Meyer lemons are very popular


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