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Compatibility issues with Kishu on TDE3/Tahoe Gold?


I grafted Kishu scions (from CCPP) onto a few citrus in my greenhouse this spring. One of the grafts I did mainly as "security" in case the others all failed, was a cleft graft onto my TDE3 (Tahoe Gold) tree. That one did take, along with another one on a lemon seedling. The graft on a lemon looks fine, but for some reason the graft on TDE3 has completely yellow leaves, even though the TDE3 itself looks ok. Since the other graft looks fine I'll probably just remove this one soon:

I can't think of any reason these wouldn't be graft compatible, but that's the only explanation I can think of for the appearance. Any other ideas?

It should not be a compatibility issue. I have grafted most of these mandarin combinations and never seen any with compatibility issues of the graft. Yours looks to me to be a possible albino type color starting on the scionwood. I have trees that have lighter color branches, almost yellow (branch and leaves) which are grafted on normal green branch lemon tree and it survived ok. You yellow graft will eventually go back to green so nothing to worry about (I think). If it starts to turn all light yellow (healthy branch & leaves) then it will just be a weak branch and needs the green portion of the rootstock to nurse it.


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