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Reply to Steve:

The fruit skin changes (thick or thin) depending on the rootstock. I have my large tre (photo above), it tastes very good and juicy, skin is medium, about the same thickness as Valentine. This cocktail is grafted on a grapefruit tree as interstock.

The same scion wood I grafted on an Lane Late Navel orange tree as interstock has smaller fruit with skin that is about 1/2 the thickness. That grafted tree seems to have fruits that are sweeter than the larger fruits on grapefruit interstock. Here's the other grafts on Lane Late Navel, see how much smaller the cocktail fruits from that tree are.

Here's the UCR photos of different pomelo comparison photos.

Have you noticed a difference in fruit with any of your other citrus depending on graft?

Yes, that's what the yummy cocktail fruit form the supermarket looked like!  My tree had fruits that looked more like oroblanco in size and skin thickness, but full of cocktail seeds and lacking flavor.  That just blows my mind that the interstock/rootstock can make that much of a difference.  I don't think there many other citrus with this severe of a difference.  Rare exception of a citrus that doesn't taste better on sour orange rootstock.

That #2 is a Cocktail fruit right? Not Valentine.
How is the Chironja compared to Cocktail?  I grafted the CRC 4045/VI 559 Chironja version on Seville Sour and chopped it off due to bad granulation.
Any worthwhile citrus that has granulation issues I just re-graft it to C-22 because C22 is even better than Seville Sour for Arizona calcareous soil.


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