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Citrus fertilizer and bloom


This Spring I've gotten serious about fertilizing my citrus trees - navel, Satsuma, grapefruit. I'm using Jack's Citrus Fertilizer.

The navel and grapefruit have responded with a lot of foliage. The Satsuma, not so much.

My question is, does fertilizer generally encourage foliage at the expense of flowers? Because none of the trees are flowering.

I use Sunniland granular 6-4-6 citrus mango avocado every other month, and Jack's 20-10-20 water soluble with micros every few months as a drench and foliar application. Probably should use it more often but both of my small trees have no problem with new flushes of growth and blooms. Both of my trees (Tango tangerine and Sugar Belle tangelo) are very healthy and dark green, planted in good old Florida sand.


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