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Las Marias Pineapple


A while back I was asked to share an example of the fruit from a Las Marias pineapple. This is a fruit found exclusively on Puerto Rico thatís apparently an accidental or deliberate cross between a cabezona and smooth cayenne or MD2 pineapple. Large and globe-shaped when given a big pot or put in ground, this is an aromatic, thorny variety produces a very sweet fruit with light vanilla flavor.  Dark green to burgundy leaves. Robust grower with usually 3-4 pups and 3 slips. Puerto Rico had two primary farmed pineapple before the mass shift to MD2: Cayennealisa (from Florida, PR) and Cabezona. My last trip to Lajas yielded only MD2 samples.  Other pineapple are tough finds Ö sometimes they show up in season at (late June/July) farmers markets and small farms. PR also has a wild Arawak pineapple called Rascana thats worth checking out (thx Bryan at MontosoGardens)👍

Thank you for sharing.



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