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pink fleshed pear

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I have a rare pear tree that makes pears with pink flesh .The taste has a hint of basil and the pear name in romanian means ,,pear that tastes like basil,,.Theyre not a registered cultivar but an ancient type of fruit that has become almost extinct.It makes the fruits in clusters and they are smaller than commercial pears.The fruits are eaten fresh here and people that ate them say they are delicious and verry different from otther pears. If my tree will have fruits this year(its allready 8 feet tall) i could trade the seeds for other seeds here.

Very interesting. Never heard of that and hope your tree fruits
for you.

Triloba Tracker:
Awesome! How sweet is it?

There are a few varieties of pears with pink flesh, sanguinole or cocomerina for example, but _must_ be in a cold climate to develop the pink. If not the flesh is whitish. Looks an interesting tree in any case. You should sell scions. Seeds do not guarantee the colour.

I didnt tasted the fruit iet to know the sweteness but the colector that sold it to me ,also had a few ,,decorative,, pears with red flesh that were suposedly not verry tasty or not god to be eaten raw at least.One of those decorative pears wich i also bought but didnt survived ,was a sanguinole and it had a deep red bark ( more reddish than my red fleshed apple ,,red love era) wich led me thinking it could have red leaves also and possibly pink flowers.This one ,the ,,basil pear,, has a pink bark not deep red,and the leaves are normal green .The seller wich is a collector of rare cultivars said only the ,,basil pear,, its goot to eat and that its verry tasty and has a different flawor than normal pears.About the statement that they need cold weather to become red inside, i dont know , but i tend not to believe it because these trees are not normal pears and they have the red pigment even in their bark( its not just the fruit thats red but the whole tree).


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