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Is it Possible to make a Eriobotrya japonica Prunus Hybrid?

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Is it Possible to make a Fertile Eriobotrya japonica Prunus sibirica Hybrid, Or a Fertile Eriobotrya japonica Prunus salicina Hybrid?

No, you shouldn't dream.
Plums are drupes
Eriobotrya belong to the same category as apples.

So families that are so far apart botanically with evolution. That a hybridization is impossible or seems difficult to imagine.

You could try but as said it would be a large and impressive feat

Interspecies crosses can vary in difficulty and intergenus species crosses are sometimes possible but often difficult - you probably would have to read into advanced botanical breeding techniques.

Some ""basic"" biological factors could be things like chromosome counts and ploidy (which you could research on your own), pollen collection & storage (if they don't flower at the same time) and fertilization barriers (some species don't like outcrossing)

Then the techniques of actual fertilization and germinating the cross: embryo rescue, sterile tissue culture, seedling vigor itself etc etc

I won't discourage you and I won't say its easy or (im)possible either. Luther Burbank supposedly had a rubus (raspberry sp) x fragaria (strawberry sp.) intergenus cross.

You could only find out by trying (and expect a lot of failures).
The good part is there is a lot of information and technique that can be done at home with modification and substitute including tissue culture. https://the-biologist-is-in.blogspot.com/2015/01/hybrid-sterility-and-speciation.html
Whatever cross may occur also may or may not bear fruit and may or may not be entirely sterile. Just a few things to consider but if you're motivated - read up, make some plans and go for it - GL!

Thank you for your help

It appears that loquat doesn't hybridize readily, even with other species in its own genus, but here's a paper discussing one technique to improve interspecies hybridization in loquat, so it might be worth a read if you plan to try for more distant hybrids:



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