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for Persimmon (kaki) to keep fruit until mature


Hi! my persimmon makes lots of flowers, but every year (this year not yet) it drops lots of fruit while they are still unripe during summer. It still produces a good number of ripe fruit during winter. I m not sure what cultivar it is, it is the type that can be eaten only when fully mature, better maturing on the tree. Somebody told me the tree does so because it cannot keep all those fruit. I still don't understand much. If the tree cannot keep the fruit, then why does it make so many fruits to grow almost the size of a ripe fruit and then lets them fall prematurely? And, could the fruit still be preserved (until maturity) by means of adding some fertilizing material, or by means of more pruning? Or by means of what?
Your expertise will be greatly useful on this matter. Thank you!

Hi, I dont have any direct experience with this,bu I have two potted persimmons which will flower for the first time in a few weeks and I am expecting to also have all of the flowers and fruit sets to fall off. I have heard this is normal with younger plants ....
However It does seem that this is not the problem with your tree, could it be a drought stress then ??

My tree drops many when it holds too many fruits.
Itís normal.


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