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Pawpaw fruit drops

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Could it be the hot weather and the lack of rain?? Did u had any such events in the past that did not result in a fruit drop ?

Thank you.  I was thinking in the same angle. We have a remote flower garden patch in that area and I personally used to water 3 nearby pawpaw trees and the American Persimmon (Prok)at least two to three times in late spring and summer. Not this year But this Persimmon tree is loaded with fruits, more than ever this year!
 Last year I invited a member of this Forum who is living close by in Northern Virginia to visit us and take for him as much as this year's ripened Pawpaw fruits! I have to tell him about the present situation..

Triloba Tracker:
Man, I'm really sorry!
Ok i was suspecting/remembering that you have been growing pawpaws for a while so you know all about the normal drops.

Sounds like maybe it was the storms.

Just learnt that Cicadas (Cicadae?) urinate profusely while resting on tree trunks, branches and twigs! Our trees are full of them. But the leaves look good, no stains or dried twigs yet. This is my third season with this Cicada X brood since over 4 decades of living in this location. Before leaving they will nicely prune the tips of the trees, fertilize with their carcasses and have already tilled around the trees while emerging out in early May. Next year should have a super bumper crop! I will be a Centurian (104) when Cicada X brood returns in 2038!

Have more fruit drops. Nearly hundred. Seen bunches of fruits with only one or two dropped. Size of fruits 1 1/2 inches x 1/2 inch. Cicadas (Cicadae?) still plenty abound but lesser than 2 weeks ago. Not seen any cicada on the fruit while observing the trees. But they probably may have bumped into fruits many a times as we know their flying pattern/behavior.


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