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--- Quote from: Plantinyum on June 27, 2021, 01:12:43 PM ---
--- Quote from: containerman on June 27, 2021, 09:17:00 AM ---you need to check how many chill hours are required by each variety. blueberries can tolerate plenty of cold anywhere between -10 to -30F depending upon the variety.

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yeah I know they tolerate cold, but I was afraid they,d wake up of dormancy if the greenhouse warms them up ,since it will be heated, and they would be planted right next to it....

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I'm not understanding why you would want them near a heat source ?

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its just the only place that I have for them, its in full sun exposure and I already had 3 potted blueberries which had to go somewhere....

--- Quote from: Francis_Eric on June 28, 2021, 02:40:55 PM ---Maybe it is the only spot he has

I think you should try for Highbush Blue berry
not because of heat just because it gets big , and you get a good amount of berries

also Being big Could deflect the heat, but they have blueberries in Florida (also Sparkle berry)

I would not worry about it , but really I do not know
seems pretty indestructable blue berries.

Some people are pretty crafty here
Could he place something to absorb the heat (heatsink) between the plant, and the Bush?
Maybe that ty vec styrofoam , but that might look getto (or that yellow foam from a mattress )

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yeah, I already planted them today, they are pink lemonade, chandler and one unknown....
I will probably place white styrofoam pieces like u said between them and the greenhouse, and infront of the plants so the sun does not warm them up in the warm intrusions of winter. I think ,judging by my other bbs ,that they wake up very easily when it gets warm in winter ,and then have problems with flower bud freeze damage when it get very cold after....


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