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Spraying greenhouse plants with pesticides when having burds inside

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I aquired a few quails last month, i am keeping them in my greenhouse. I havent had sprayed the plants in there for like 2-3 months, so i sprayed two consecutive days with fungicide and a pesticide becouse i found some aphids on the plants, there are also some sighns of mites.
The birds i relocated into a cardboard box before the spray, everything is dry inside the gh now, i plan on releasing them back in this evening which will mean that the gh had solid  days after the final spray ,to dry out.
The soil of course got moist from the chemicals and that is what worries me thw most.
Does anyone else that keeps animals/birds in their greenhouses spray their plants from time to time? How do you proceed ,in order to not poison the livestock?
I find that i have to spray at least periodically, in order to not have a pest infestation, which if happens is a nightmare to erradicate, especially mites.
Will i be ok with releasing them back today, or should i wait a bit longer ? I should say that the greenhouse does still have a bit of a smell from the chemicals....

Really it all depends on the formulas of the pesticide/fungicide
which products are you using?

If the fungicide you're using is copper, you're safe to let them out after it has dried; pesticides usually have a lot more choices of chemicals, I'd research the active ingredients.
for instance, pyrethrin is technically toxic but considered 'safe' for birds, but will automatically kill bee species.

Tha fungicide i used is called difcor, it has the active ingredient difenoconazole.
The pesticide is called valmek , it has the active ingredient abamectin. Both are listed as systemic chemicals

difenoconazole will cause liver damage to birds and is toxic to aquatic animals. You should probably throw that out right away, googling the chemical shows that it has caused quite a stir in the food safety world for being approved by the EPA.

abamectin is safe for birds, will kill bees. Only use now, when it is cold out and bees aren't active

Using difcor this one time will probably not result in anything bad happening to the birds, but they warn of the repeated use allows it to accumulate. Not to mention, it seems to be harmful to humans as well...

Thank you for all this information!! I dont like using such chemicals but sometimes i must. I will research the chemicals i plan on using more in the future , now that i know what to look for, the active ingredient.... even then i will be taking them/the birds out of there and doing a several day quarantine. I wont be using difcor again,  i used it for the first time, will try to find something more environmentally friendly.
Ita s pain that the organic ways are generally not as effective, as the non organic stuff.


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