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Melon varieties for Florida

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Hello, anyone have good success with melons in FL? I have had good production from squash (Seminole pumpkins and Sikil) but melons have been a challenge. Tried to land race melons this year with no luck. I get vines and flowers but few fruits and they don't want to fully develop. Looking for a bullet proof FL melon. Any suggestions on varieties that would thrive in 9a? Thanks!

Watermelons are pretty easy. Started working on my own landscape of them last year. I grew strawberry, blacktail mtn and sugar baby. Lots of soil fertility recommended, lots of compost, mounds are helpful, not too much overhead water if possible.

Semoinole pumpkins are native/adapted to Florida. You should be able to find seed. D

I don't think melons will ever be as easy as Seminole Pumpkin unless you are growing the Citron Melon. I find them growing wild in old orange groves and pastures all the time. Although many internet sources say that it is inedible or even poisonous it was brought for use as a candied/pickled fruit (similar to pickled watermelon rind). Its not something you eat as a fresh fruit. It hybridizes easily with watermelon. For fresh fruit, water melons are probably the best bet. They are highly resistant to pickle worms and typically only get damaged if they are grown with other curcubits that the worms can propagate on. Crimson Sweet is the one all the old timers talk about.


--- Quote from: Pokeweed on January 15, 2024, 07:39:24 AM ---Semoinole pumpkins are native/adapted to Florida. You should be able to find seed. D

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I have been surprised how sweet some Seminole Pumpkins are. I saved seeds of one in particular that was as sweet as a store bought cantaloupe--just with a different flavor and a crunchy texture.


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