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Melon varieties for Florida

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Interesting about the citron melons. They have grown wild on our place befote. I'll paymore attention to them now. D

Thanks! I do grow Seminole pumpkin. Heavy production last year and sweet also. Looks like I will add watermelons. Have yet to find any other melons that produce well... From what I am reading, other melons will require weekly spraying to get them to maturity. That is to much for me, don't need more things to baby. LOL!!!

Even though I am not in Florida, because my greenhouse mimics your climate I use the UF/IFAS website a LOT. Heaps of great information.  Maybe reach out to them...


Thanks Carolyn! I am doubling down on watermelon this year. I will do some more research. Maybe I will find a melon that is low maintenance.  :)


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