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Tropical Fruit Discussion / Re: Seedling Mango tree thread
« on: June 09, 2024, 02:51:48 PM »
I ate a big one next to a small one today and they were very different.

The small one is sort of Dot tasting

We can figure out the seed to flesh ratio with the pictures below.
I think I picked the big one to early since it took over a week to ripen outside.
I have 3 more on the tree, if the big ones mature to somewhere near to the flavor of the little ones this will be a keeper.

Tropical Fruit Discussion / Re: Seedling Mango tree thread
« on: June 07, 2024, 08:06:13 PM »
Update on the canal bank seedling.

This year it taste a lot better.
It has a very rich classic flavor.
Maybe a little hint if west Indian resin.
A little tart to balance it all.
I feel like taste something like a Edward mixed the texture of a ripe Malika. With the classic Edward flavor kicked up on the outer parts.

If prefer it was a kent on crack but o well.

I've been looking for a good classic tasting mango and this maybe be able to contend on that front.

No disease problems and the production was better this year.

One curious thing is that the tree has multiple sized fruit that all seem to ripen around the same time.
The pasty interior problem seems to go away when you pick it mature green.

The one that huertasurbanas sells seeds of is good. My friend has grown it out to fruiting and it is way better than whatever has been floating around in the US for a while. Its worthy to grow for its fruit I have been told.

Thats great to hear, mine (from huertasurbanas) is finally fruiting as well.
Expecting good things

Tropical Fruit Buy, Sell & Trade / Mangos for sale local pickup $4/lb
« on: June 06, 2024, 07:15:46 PM »
Hey guys. I'm located in Coral springs
Im overloaded on the mangos currently
I'm selling them for $4/lb. (Cash, zelle or PayPal)
Local pickup only, sorry. (Plenty of others offering shipping these days)

I currently have:
Dupuis Saigon

I'll have a few cac, Maha Chanok, Edgar, Thai everbearing, zinc and other random ones.
I'll update the thread as I get others.

Tropical Fruit Discussion / Re: 2024 FL Mango Season
« on: June 06, 2024, 02:23:29 PM »
Here is something I could find to illustrate it

The general idea is that having a tree that looks sort of like the Capital letter Y creates a point of stress right in the center for both branches.
Both branches are essentially pulling in opposite directions at the center and this can easily split the wood.

I believe Truly Tropical has some videos of Har talking about this topic as well

Tropical Fruit Discussion / Re: 2024 FL Mango Season
« on: June 05, 2024, 08:30:14 PM »
Devastated CAC tree.

Left to go to work this morning and I saw the one of the major branches on the floor.
I lost around 120lbs of near mature mangos.

I had this coming, this was a V branch structure which is notoriously weak. I didn't have the heart to trim it since it's was my main vertical on a highly productive tree.

Tropical Fruit Discussion / Re: Zill selling mangos this year?
« on: June 03, 2024, 10:45:47 AM »
I know everyone here knows that there are two Zill family mango operations but just wanted to mention it on this thread in case we have new people reading.

ZHPP, Gary Zill's nursery is great for trees (the public can't buy trees though) but not great for fruits.

Zill's Mangos, Water Zill's farm stand, is great for fruits

My personal opinion

Congrats on the Chempedak.

I also have
2 grafted scarlet and 1 grafted ESALQ in one-gallon pots on Red Jabo Rootstock
Budwood comes from fruiting trees

It's not the most ideal rootstock but I wanted to try my hand grafting Jabos.

$50 each

Smokin' deal right there

Thanks for the support

Tropical Fruit Buy, Sell & Trade / Re: Raind
« on: June 01, 2024, 09:54:09 AM »
Sorry to hear of your loss.

But I am a bit confused; you think Brian sending you a card only makes more sense than customs took your exotic seeds that were shipped without you acquiring proper permitting?

I have ordered from RainDanceSeeds/BL several times, and he has never sent me a card. Feeling jelly.

@OP I'm sorry to hear about your bad experience

The named spherical low latex, single seeded selections that routinely are over a pound fruit faster and more prolifically than those 'wilder' types and also don't get the brown staining and discolouration in air as much. They like water and wet climates so I assume they do better than many species in persistently wet soils. They do fruit fine on their own but can be frustrating when opening their account and may flower without setting fruit for a couple of seasons. The really should thrive in southern Florida as they go well over 1000 miles poleward of me in southern Queensland.

The seedling I got was originally from Puerto Rico but I heard the the mother tree was some seedling from AU.
The fruits on this tree are spherical, most are not a pound, and only a few have reached that size.

The tree itself has been surprisingly easy to grow, no problems in full sun, i have it in the middle of the yard to protect it from the wind
I find the growing habits to be odd though, the tree is pretty brittle, and the branches tend to flop (but that might be due to fruit load)
In the 2022 season I had two distinct crops, June and September. The September ones were better IMO.

I think I like starapple better though, some of these green/pink ones are hard to beat.
I need to get my hands on an alva seedling

I bought the telescoping one earlier this year.
I used it for starapple primarily, it's the best thing I found so far.
Compared to the non-telescoping cut-and-hold pruner from Corona it's a little finicky, especially with the starapple sap.
A little greasing fixes it, only need to apply it every hundred fruits or so

I don't use it for pruning, maybe just a little if there is a bunch of fruit on one branch.

I wouldn't use it for fruits that separate from stems easily.
I've had plenty of mangos and avocados snap and fall to the floor, leaving me like a fool holding just the stem in the air.

Do you have multiple?  Seedling or grafted? 

My seedling abiu makes thousands of flowers every year but has yet to set a single fruitlet.  I suspect it needs pollination?  Insects are around but they don't seem interested in it.

Mine is a solitary seedling tree. No other abius around in the vicinity. The only thing special it gets is water every day and occasionally some sulfur in the area.

Yep, third year of production for me

Hey guy!!
I'm trying to phase out my small seedlings as I don't really have the time any more to pot them up.
These are in 4 inch pots

12 reds
9 grimal
3 blue
3 olosapo

I'm asking $200 for the lot
Local pick up

Were there still leaves on the tree while it was maturing?
I found the custard apple that ripen in May not as good as the ones that ripen in the March or Feb

Don't leave us in suspense....

Tropical Fruit Discussion / Re: 2024 FL Mango Season
« on: May 14, 2024, 06:14:26 PM »
Just wanted to mark the calendar.
Finally getting some mangos now.
Only manilita so far. Around 1 a day for three days.
Usually I start getting a few in April.

I have a cac mango and an oro negro blocking my big Western window.

I find it looks nice having trees with open canopies next to the windows.

Mine fruited around 6-7 ft in partial shade.
Though i had one that was 12ft under a mango tree that never fruited, I cut it down

Tropical Fruit Discussion / Re: Honey Kiss, first time fruiting
« on: May 02, 2024, 04:57:32 PM »
I'm a bit concerned the weight of 5 or 6 full size fruits will break the branch. 😯

Congrats on the first time fruiting it.
As Simon said, they do tend to fruit in clusters,
The fruit are on the smaller side so it might not be an issue.
When they get bigger use a prop stick to support the branch if you are worried

There were some past threads on the forum that discussed shade-tolerant fruit, I believe people mention loquat amongst them.
I have seen both fruits in partial shade in south florida, I can't tell you have good the fruits were though.

Just make sure you buy some organza bags from the loquats, they tend to get worm-infested

Tropical Fruit Discussion / Re: Scarlet Guava.
« on: May 02, 2024, 04:46:13 PM »
One came ripe today and I let it sit in my kitchen so I could enjoy the aroma for a couple of days before eating it.

What a disappointment it was, it had zero sweetness and was only made edible by putting the pulp in a blender and adding sugar.

I'm hoping that as it matures the fruits will improve... fingers crossed.

Sad to hear it was disappointing Gary, hopefully as the tree gets bigger it sweetens up.
Please keep us updated on the progress.

I finally got another ruby supreme. After spending the last ten years or so growing and tasting all these fancy tropical fruits not many top a good guava in my book

I haven't been following the erinose mite might over the past few months, has there been any progress or cures?
Between a lack of cold during the winter and the mites, most people I know have given up on the tree.
One of my favorite fruits, its a shame

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