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Tropical Fruit Discussion / Re: Mango Reviews
« on: July 29, 2015, 02:31:08 AM »
Lemon zest comment:
About seven days ago I had the last lemon zest off my tree. It has lots more of the orange flavor throughout the flesh. Usually this is most noticeable near the skin when you scrape the final flesh off.

Maybe lemon zest gets more of an orange flavor in the last third of the harvest? Maybe it gets more orange flavor as the tree gets older? Maybe drier years produce it?


I too have noticed that my LZs have tasted more like lemon candy this year, than like orange sherbert from previous year. I have been picking them early due to worries of mango thieves. But my last 4 I will leave on the tree to see if it will attain the orange flavor that blew me away last time. It has been raining a lot here in the last month. But essentially no rain the previous two or three. And, I'll try the tip about scraping the flesh with the spoon... Thanks!


Tropical Fruit Discussion / Re: mango recommendation
« on: July 29, 2015, 01:56:03 AM »
If you have ever have the opportunity to taste a Carrie and like it - I say plant CARRIE! Smallish, compact growth habit which is easy to control and does not have a lot of fungal/disease problems. At least here in Central Florida. And if you are able to get your hands on trees, would you not be able to get some fruit to try??? I'm actually thinking of trying to topwork my Haden to a Carrie... Just food for thought! Also, Julie might do well on an island with lots of salt air sea breezes - but in my yard it seems to have serious fungal issues. I'm located about 8 miles from the beach. Also , Julie is the grandparent of Carrie, so you might want to try first. Good luck with your choice and planting!!!


I agree with the positive assessmant of the kent mango. It has been one of my consistently favorite mangos each year. Top three of the older varieties. I have one planted and can't wait for it to get huge!!;D ;D ;D

Tropical Fruit Discussion / Re: Introduce Yourself
« on: July 05, 2015, 04:20:46 AM »

Jeff - I may be able to get one or two more dwarfish mangoes to fit in the yard:) Maha sounds pretty good, I know you and HMHausman have spoken highly of it. I would really like to find a great tasting, very early or very late season mango. Have Keitt and Rosigold already... Any other suggestions? Greatly appreciated!


Tropical Fruit Discussion / Re: Is this Lemon Zest?
« on: July 01, 2015, 05:16:49 AM »
Dark - Yours look like the leaves on my Lemon zest. The true test will be when you sample the tasty fruit ;D ;D

MangoFang - I see you live in Ca. I wonder if the Lemon Zest taste different when grown there... Want to send me a few so I can try? ;D ;D ;D ;D


Tropical Fruit Discussion / Re: Introduce Yourself
« on: July 01, 2015, 05:04:32 AM »

Jeff - Haha! Thank you for the welcome! I have a lemon zest I bought on a whim a few years back. ;D Love the clean citrusssy/ orange sherbert like flavor although this year they haven't tasted as good... yet. Also have a coco cream from my kids for father's day and a sweet tart I bought after reading the positive posts here. Neither of these is producing yet. Patience Daniel-son!


Tropical Fruit Discussion / Re: Introduce Yourself
« on: June 30, 2015, 12:02:04 AM »
Hello to all!
I have lived in Florida about 30 years now. Bought a house in 2006 and began planting fruit trees. Planted some citrus and a Haden mango in the back. Did not really take care of the Haden except covered it in the freeze of 2010. The next year, it gave about 40 of the most delicious fruit I had ever eaten!! It was then I became a mango maniac. Known as mango man at work ;D Have about 20 varieties of mango in my yard along with some citrus, avacado and guava. Most are under 5 years so I am just beginning to taste some! Have enjoyed reading the many posts on this site. Very helpful information from those in the know!


Hello, first time poster and mango lover here. Have been growing mangoes for about 5 years. Many smallish trees coming into production. First high quality mango was a Haden, and then I was hooked. Found this forum and have benefited greatly from the very knowledgeable growers here. Thank you for your expertise!

My first mangoes this year were some Ataulfos from Mexico I bought at an Indian food store. Maybe that doesn't count as legitimate :) Next was an LZ that I picked too early, hence the tartness(wanted someone from the Philippines to try before they left :D).  Then was a first season Rosigold. Nice strong flavor (we have had almost no rain on the east coast of florida this summer), but a little disappointing. I did not think it was very sweet. Maybe the ones later will be better. I have a bunch of NDM4 on the tree and am thankful for low rainfall. Choc anon was also a first year mango for me. When ripened until yellow on the tree and then a day or two on the counter, this was a pretty good sweet straightforward mango. Not very complex like LZ or Edward, but had a definite smooth sweet coconut flavor to its profile. I liked it. Now if I can get it to bloom again this year and have some mangos for Christmas, I will be ecstatic!

Also bought a 8 edwards and 2 Carries which were just awsome as usual. Yep, I'm one of those who was blown away by the strong Carrie flavor. Am also interested in other mangoes that taste like Carrie and can extend the season. Have heard that Angie may taste a little like Carrie. Does anyone know?


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