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I couldn't decide on 5-6 trees.
Started out last yr picking what was available in the home centers with vague advice from no forum posts online (wasn't a member then) Alphonso, Mallika, and Valencia Pride. The Valencia fruited this yr- 2 only
Racoon got 1 the other I will get!- keeping it on the tree a few ore days.
Then I found this forum and a few good local nurseries and tree sales... Due to research here and polling friends
I'm Looking forward to These:
Venus - size and flavor and supposed to be late season
Coconut cream -because it's so recommended -love coconut and didn't know about sugar loaf first!
Sweet Tart_  sounds great and I like mangos that have a tart bite with the sweetness
Lemon zest_ because of the complexity of taste as well
Orange Sherbert_ because I thought I might be missing a good one
Pineapple Pleasure_ figuring a little pineapple  together with the coconut cream makes 4 a pina colada 

Not that I'm not exited about the rest, I definitely am but these were my must haves even if space is getting tight .
The others in ground or ready to plant include:
Cotton Candy, Ice Cream, Fruit Punch, Peach Cobbler
Cac, kent,buttercream,
 nam doc mai ( which I tasted locally after planting and it was just ok)

there are too many choices! I'm out of room.. want to buy the adjoining lot!

Tropical Fruit Discussion / Re: Which Mangos Are Left (Florida)?
« on: July 27, 2019, 03:46:06 PM »
my trees are still very young. Second yr in ground Valencia pride gave me 2 mangos.. I went to the racoons and the other is trying to finish ripening.  I have it bagged and an hoping I get to it first. Might just pluck it and finish it on the counter. Was at Rockledge gardens Mango madness today. They had some mangos to taste and purchase. Not as many varieties as I'd have liked and the line was long ( husband was hot and out of patience) so we bought a few mangos keitt, southern blush, were marked. 3 others were not so I took a chance- 1 is big no green , yellow with a pink blush and was only one ripe enough to cut. It's fricken awesome so I'm pissed now I don't now what it is lol! I did buy 2 more trees.. a Venus and Orange Sherbert. I need an intervention!

Tropical Fruit Discussion / Re: What to plant next?
« on: April 27, 2019, 09:08:22 PM »
I'm also in Brevard.  My peaches are doing fine and are manageable.  Just got a loquat and a lychee will see how they do.  Barbados Cherry has been easy so far too. Pomagranite maybe? Star fruit ?

Just Curious... hows the longan doing now?? I just acquired a new tree same Biew Kiew variety

I'm in 9b Florida. I've had nothing but problems with anthranose on the avocodos overcoming the trees eventually. All my mangos are doing well .

Tropical Fruit Buy, Sell & Trade / Re: Anyone has Doni Avocao trees?
« on: July 20, 2018, 08:07:07 AM »
I purchased a Doni at a Lowe's in Indian Harbour beach Florida  last weekend. It was the only variety they had at the time. I really don't know anything about them , so anything you can tell me about the tree growth habits and fruit quality is appreciated. Also confused, is this the same as  Donnie? .  I also purchased a Bacon and a Hall,  so starting over.  All 3 are being planted soon.. Killed my Florida Hass with a spot that some times floods with heavy rain..  I'm trying to develop a liking for the avocado.. my kids love them so I figured it would be neat to grow and send north when in season

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