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Tropical Fruit Discussion / Fruit season now in WEST BORNEO
« on: August 22, 2021, 06:45:17 AM »

That is my youtube chanel. Maybe this video can help someone in here...hehe

Fruit seaon coming now in west Borneo... ;D ;D

Tropical Fruit Discussion / MUSA KLUTUK WULUNG
« on: April 29, 2021, 10:33:11 AM »

Musa klutuk wulung
Banana Klutuk Wulung

Tropical Fruit Discussion / MUSA ICE CREAM BLUE JAVA
« on: April 29, 2021, 10:20:10 AM »

Musa Ice Cream Blue Java
Banana Blue Java

Mangifera Casturi Small Variety
Limited just 25 seeds
Price: 2,5$/seed
Taste: 100% sour

More detail you can see in here

Thanks... ;D

Hallo my friend.
I sell Willughbeia Elmerii
Price: 4$/seed
Quantity: limited just 150 seeds available.
Photo and my harvest procces in this link:

More info you can whattsapp: +6285647555005 (whasapp only)
Thanks and regard.

I have checked in post office, and we can trade by EMS or RLN again after corona desease. Not try send package yet just ask to post office and available for shipping aplication again.
Willughbeia elmerii (limited)
Price: 4$/seed
Fast respon by whatsapp: +6282253080095

Willughbeia Elmerii is coming.
Price: 3$/seed
Quantity limited.
More info and picture, you can whatsapp me +6282253080095
Best regard

W. Elmerii price: 5$/seed
W. Coriacea price: 4$/seed
More inform, photo, discus, order, biotour whatsapp.
Many thanks all my friend in this forum. ;D

Just available 100 seeds.
Price: 2$/seed.
Taste: sweet mix sour like orange. Good taste.
Shipping by EMS, RLN.
More for information and picture, whatsapp: +6282253080095.
I live in village, difficult for upload picture.
Thanks  ;D

Tropical Fruit Buy, Sell & Trade / Willughbeia Elmerii
« on: September 28, 2019, 12:06:40 AM »
Willughbeia elmerii.
Available very fresh today.
Price: 5$/seed

Tropical Fruit Buy, Sell & Trade / Willughbeia Elmerii
« on: July 20, 2019, 12:21:16 AM »
Breakfast with willughbeia elmerii
Whatsapp: +6282253080096
Price: 5 USD/ seed
Quantity: limited


Taste: like orange mix mango.
Really delicious taste.
Price: 2$/seed.
Limited quantity.
Shipping by EMS or RLN (all shipping by tracking number)
Whatsapp: +6282253080095 (fast respon)

Willughbeia agustifolia fresh seeds available.
Price: 2$/ seed
Just available 50 seeds.
I have problem when upload picture.
Picture by facebook:
Or whatsapp: +6282253080095
Thanks and best regard

Tropical Fruit Buy, Sell & Trade / Garcinia Forbesi
« on: June 04, 2018, 09:08:53 AM »
Sorry,  i cannot post picture.  Error for my account.  If you need picture,  you can contact me by whatsapp. 
My whatsapp: +6282253080095 or by facebook:

Garcinia forbesi available now.
Price: 1,5 $/seed
Quantity: limited. 
Available until 10 June 2018
Hurry up.!!!

Welcome this season. ;D ;D ;D
Borneo fruit season in 2017

whatssapp: +6285647555005
facebook group:

Foreign trade of seeds always have the risk .
For those friends who decided to purchase the seeds/buds/seedlings,
i will try my best in fast respond, perfectly packing and shipping process,
but i am Not Responsible if the goods conficated by the custom and etc ...
In my country, seeds/buds/seedlings transaction is ilegal trade, so i need cooperation with buyer.
If there is any problem regarding buyer transaction, please send me message via inbox. I'm sure all can be done well.
Payment via paypal / western union.
Delivery package using EMS facility.

Booking step:
1. Ask the seller about the availability of seeds.
2. Seller will calculate shipping cost and seed cost.
3. Buyers make payment and send data in the form of full name, full address, phone number.
4. For countries that have special rules, please notify the rules to the seller to minimize the risk of delivery.
5. The seller will send no receipt if the package has been shipped.

(Price is excluding shipping cost !!!)

1. Garcinia Dulcis Hibrid from Bogor Agricultur (post 12 August 2017) SOLD OUT
Local name: Mundu
Taste: sweet mix sour, more fresh and much water than Local Garcinia Dulcis.
Size bigger than garcinia dulcis lokal. The flesh is thicker than local garcinia dulcis. Look seed size, bigger too. Fruit is more resistant to pest attacks.
Price: 1,5$ / seed
quantity: sold out
Order by private message.

2. Javanese Diospyros BlancoiSOLD OUT
Local name: apel beludru
Taste: sweet and fragrant
Quantity: limited
Price: 2,5$/seed
Easy germinate.

3. Artocarpus SerecicarpusSOLD OUT
Local name: Peluntan
Taste: sweet and fragrant
Quantity: limited
Price: 2,5$/seed
Easy germinate.

4. Zyzygium PoliantumSOLD OUT
Local name: Buah Salam.
Taste: sweet and leaf has fragrant.  Fragrant leaves. Leaves are usually used as cooking raw materials that provide a fragrant aroma.
Quantity: limited
Price: 2$/seed
Easy germinate.

4. Zyzygium cuminiSOLD OUT
Local name: juwet/ duwet
Taste: sweet mix sour
Quantity: limited
Price: 1$/seed
Easy germinate.

5. Red Malaysian Guava
Taste: sweet
Price:10$ for 50 seeds
Quantity: just 300 seeds

6. Aglaia Laxiflora
Local name: buah bunyau
Taste: sweet. 
Quantity: limited just 100 seeds
Price: 2,5$/seed

7. Xhantophyllum Amoenum
Taste: sweet much water
Easy germinate.
Quantity: limited 100 seeds
Price: 1,5$/seed

8. Durio Kutejensis
Taste: sweet,  little fragrant. 
Price: 1,5$/seed
Quantity: limited

9. Willughbeia Elmerii
Taste: sweet mix sour
This is the biggest willughbeia in the world
Price: 6$/seed
Limited just 7 seeds for this week. 
Pree order next week ready to send fresh seeds.

10. Zyzygium zeylanikum
Quantity: limited
Price: 10$ for 20 seeds in one package.

11. Artocarpus Anisophyllus
Taste: sweet
Price: 2,5$/ seed
Quantity: limited

12. Baccaurea costulata
Price: 2$/seed
Taste: sweet mix sour.  Extra fresh.
Quantity: limited

13. Lepisantes Alata
Taste: sweet
Leaf can used medicine. Malaria.
Price: 2$/seed

14. Nephelium Maingayi
Taste: sweet and much water
Price: 1$/seed

Tropical Fruit Buy, Sell & Trade / [BORNEO]: Last season fruit.
« on: March 04, 2017, 05:54:06 AM »
Last season fruit avaioable.

Xanthophyllum Amoenum
Local name: langir
Quantity: limited
Taste: fresh sweet and much water
Price: 3$/seed

Baccaurea angulata
Local name: belimbing darah.
Quantity: limited
Taste: fresh sweet mix sour
Price: 2$/seed

Durio kutejensis
Quantity: limited
Taste: soft sweet
Price: 3$/seed

*Photo will add tomorrow because bigger size.
*special price privat message to me.


Tropical Fruit Discussion / Please ID (fruit from borneo forrest)
« on: September 04, 2016, 05:55:47 AM »
I have new fruit. First time find them. Look cute and sweet taste. Find it from borneo forrest.

whatsapp: 085647555005

Bouea Macrophylla
Taste: sweet mix sour. Like mango.
Price: 2,5$/seed
Quantity: limited

Baccaurea Angulata
Taste: sweet mix sour
Price: 1,5$/seed
Quantity: large in big quantity.
Special price: 100$ for 100 seeds include shipping.
Note: just discount 20$ shipping for buy 100 seeds.

Baccaurea Edulis
Taste: sweet with little sour. Fantastic taste.
Price: 2$/ seed
Quantity: limited

Willughbeia Elmerii
Taste: sweet mix little sour fresh much water.
Quantity: limited just 6 fruit. Maybe contain 50-60 seeds
Price: 5$/seed

Yellow Rambutan
Taste: sweet fresh much water. Not find sour taste.
Quantity: limited
Price: 2,5$/seed

Artocarpus Kemando
Price: 3$/seed
Quantity: limited
Taste: 100% sweet and fragrant

Artocarpus Sarawakensis
Price: 2$
Taste: sweet
Quantity: available in large quantity

Artocarpus Rigidus
Taste: sour mix sweet like manggo taste.
Price: 3$/seed
Quantity: very limited.
Discription: artocarpus rigidus has yellow skin colour. Has leaf like Artocarpus integer but has fruit similiar artocarpus anysophyllus. Really unique fruit. I think most types of acid.
Lets order because fast season.

Artocarpus Serecicarpus
Taste: sweet
Price: 2$/ seed
Quantity: ready in big order.

Artocarpus Anisophyllus
Taste: sweet like banana
Price: 2$ / seed
Quantity: available in big quantity

Durio Zibethinus var. Petruk
Taste: sweet mix bitter
Price: 2$/seed
Quantity: limited

Durio Zibethinus var. Sunan
Taste: 100% sweet
Price: 2$/ seed
Quantity: limited

Durio oxleyanus
Price: 4$/ seed
Taste: sweetest and most delicious than other durio variety.
Quantity: limited

Durio Kutejensis
Taste: sweet little smelt, little fragrant
Quantity: limited
Peice: 3$/seed

Garcinia Forbesi
Taste: sweet like mangostana
Price: 3$/seed
Quantity: limited

Wild Garcinia Mangostana
Different with cone in buttom fruit. Big seed zise.
Taste: sweet
Quantity: limited
Price: 2$ / seed

Please fast order because season very fast now and limited fresh sepeda available.

I use spagnum moss and wett tissue. Please choice media shipping.

Available in july:
1. Diospyros Malabarica
Price: 4$/seed

2. Zyzygium Malaccense
Price: 2$/ seed

Interest by PM.

Thanks a lot.
Best regard.

This is package from ecuador. Sorry maybe i wrong. I think this package write from ecuador.
I am forget who send paclage to me. Please confirm who send to me.
Thanks a lot.

Seeds look dry and find bit moldy. He send to me not use media. But i am happy get this package.
Thanks a lot

Available on this week.
Zyzygium Polyantum seeds.
Price: 1$/seed.
Package: by wett tissue and plastic zipplock.
Quantity: limited.
Best regards

Tropical Fruit Buy, Sell & Trade / MEI 2016: Baccaurea SP
« on: April 30, 2016, 11:48:38 PM »
Just find new baccaurea. Not sure this is baccaurea macrocarpa. Fruit smaller and sweeter than baccaurea macrocarpa.

Price: 2,5$
Easy germinate. Quantity: limited

I would like cutting fig rimada variety or other variety from italy.
Does anyone offer to me?
Please PM or comment in this topic.


I want to buy cutting Mertinenca Rimada & Jolly Tiger Variegata.
Please PM to me.

Tropical Fruit Discussion / Please Help ID
« on: November 21, 2015, 08:17:20 AM »
1. Buah Akar Kuning (Ready 21 November 2015)
Lokal Name: Buah Akar Kuning
Taste:100% sweet with little water
Discrition: tree like root. high tree. Size like Langsat. Find in west borneo forrest.

Mod edit: Do not try to sell your seeds on this board. Please keep it relegated to the Buy, Sell, Trade board.

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