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See On invasive plant atlas Here is a good idea how Invasive (European) Garlic Mustard is
(I could pick these traveling through multiple state lines)

Root has a Horse radish like taste best I can describe it .

When I first started Learning of some wild edibles I tried learning of the invasive type since there is so many
Keep in mind not all Invasive plants are not non native some are Native.
 funny because even plenty of Government sites list native plants as a bad thing in multiple states to be removed.
(like wild native grapes for instance I've seen those cut away by forest preserves )


Mostly Temperate , but saw this today when looking at persimmon beer recipe in email
already have a wine from them
(it is good, but oddly I liked the second tiny  batch better
 from spent fruit of first batch which is thinner and subtle Minerally tasting )
Plant profile

Wow didn't notice the Index will have to check out

--- Quote ---The fruit is also fermented with hops, cornmeal or wheat bran into a sort of beer or made into brandy
--- End quote ---

Bull Thistle plan to peel some of these stems soon
Asparagus Relative stems have a celery taste with a tad bid astringency (which I like)
sometimes can have a grub in the hollow stem
(I cooked a grub under log at least those taste great like concentrated  fish)

air potato.

[There are edible versions of dioscorea bulbifera. Hard to find in the US, but you will struggle to find a more prolific edible "weed" once it starts growing]


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