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covid 19 and herbs ect

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So what are you trying to boost your immune system with and or fight inculcation of covid 19?
 I feel like a mad scientist  brewing up elixirs.Maitake ,reishi ,cordyceps some things are growing here or in my yard,Rhodomyrtus tomentosa,curry leaf,oregano ,turmeric I dry these and grind to powder.
 Besides eating well fruits ,greens ,vegetables what are you folks doing or suggest?I have two parents with me that are old 90 ,91.

Yes i agree time to dose up! They keep reporting deaths of younger individuals with no prior health conditions while at the same time reports of old frail folks coming through just fine, It would be interesting to know the diets of these people and also there amount of daily exercise.
I know the focus first is to identify drugs to sell and treat condition.

My suggestion is to eat fruits, well balanced diet and get a lot of sleep! Sleep is the best way to boost your immune system. Also here when you have the persistent dry cough ,souch as what covid19 causes, we make oregano tea.

Yes they get a lot of sleep , they go to bed with the chickens.Teas are great, a friend , Indian professor comes down for winter break and when he has a cold he makes turmeric tea with honey it's pretty good, maybe add oregano.

fish worts has the cure for it. here's study 10yrs ago that was done on mice curing coronavirus. it grows like weed.
It is my #1 asian herbs beside basil and Vietnamese coriander.   I wrap all the three herbs in a spring roll. I can eat about 1lb of herbs each spring roll meal.  have not had a flu for the past 5yrs.



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