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I have uncovered my citrus for spring and the blossoms are popping!
Meiwa, Owari, Rio Red Grapefruit, Croxton, Kimbrough.

Oops! The pics didnít come out in order. Thatís Owari, Croxton, Meiwa, Kimbrough, Rio Red

very wonderful citrus pictures citradia thank you, a pleasure to see. How are the rio red fruits are tasting in your climate if ripe ? Because often I read that grapefruits and pomelos dont' getso sweet in our colder climats. Whereas last year I got for the first time fruits of my chandler and for the first fruits of this plant I was positive surprised and very content by tart/ sweetnes.

I like the flowers of the picture of the 4th one ( Kimbrough), neat looking big flowers.

Very pretty.  Can you tell me how to get a Miewa to flower befor august.  Mine don't


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