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I didn't even consider that there might be "improved" chilipetins. Some call them chilipequins (pekane). Here they start fruiting about May and they stop with frost. They literally grow where a bird poops seeds, so they are everywhere. Our bad freeze last Winter - about -18C killed them to the ground, but they regrew and were fruiting about 3 months later.
I hope you never find a rattler in one of your chilis! D

It's a very interesting testimony that you offer Pokeweed !

When I say, I aim to improve Chiltepin, it's not because I find they are mediocre, but rather because I found that they unfit with my climate, soil,..  and I want to see how frost hardiness traits can be transmitted to next generations.
Other exemple of plant I like, but doesn't seem to like my soil: Chilopsis. That's the reason why I graft this species on x Chitalpa ( it self grafted on Catalpa rootstock - Catalpa species grow very well here  )

Looking a bit around for some more info about this chilies, I have found that it sets much more fruits in presence of some mycorrhizae like Glomus fasciculatus.  Maybe they are absent in my area..

Catalpas grow fine around Houston as well, although they might be a different variety.


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