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What potato am I eating?

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I wanted to try a few types of sweet potatoes to decide which one I want to grow. I thought this was purple sweet potato, but it has a dry, starchy, and nutty taste. It's also not sweet at all. What am I eating?

That might be ube. It looks hairy and I haven't seen ipomea batata that was hairy. 

This has got to be Malanga. Comes in white and purplish flesh. Delicious prepared in its simplicity. Boil in water with a little salt after peeling the skin. Make a Mash with some butter and a little salt or serve it hot with a Codfish salad.
Itís a tuber just like a potato and can be treated as such by baking, mashing, boiled or fried.

Iím sorry, itís called a cocoyam or yautia in English

Cocoyam is a Taro plant, or Elephant Ear, Arecacae.
Yams are vining plants,
The cooked tubers look a bit more like Yams to me, but it is hard to tell.
Uncooked Taro skin has growth rings visible, and usually a stem area on one end, like a carrot.
Yams usually have brown woody looking skin, often with filaments or hairs, no stem area on one end.
Another possibility is Cassava, which looks like a pointy Yam, but with a stem on one end ( unless cut off before sale ).
Pretty sure it is not a Sweet Potato.
This answer reminds me of aa Xmas in Tropical Australia, baked Taro, Yams, Potato, Pumpkin in a cast iron oven, over a campfire.


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